What is a society without values? |

Hypothetically as to the reality of a society without valueswe could state that the biggest problem is found in the crisis of values ​​that impacts the youth and adult community, bringing serious consequences that translate into a decadent state at the social and economic level of the community.

Loss of respect for authorities

The authorities, or the entities that work in the security sector, meet to protect, safeguard and ensure a life without crimes citizens, but in a society that has lost the values ​​of respect, discipline and honesty the perception towards these is tremendously affected individualscausing internal and external police conflicts, as well as the corruption inside the field.


Many of the causes of the decline of our society have had to do with situations of discrimination towards people of different ethnic groups or with conditions of disability and illness, which is directly related to the loss of values ​​such as tolerancethe solidarity and the respect.

High rates of violence

The values ​​of sorrythe social responsability and the essential respect are capable of keeping society on a path Rightbut when these are lost, aggressiveness and premeditated and spontaneous violence tend to increase in the streets and homes.

Lack of love

The existence of values ​​like friendship and the love They are necessary to build a society with people who are expressive and empathic with others, so when these important values ​​do not exist, people tend to be less interested in them. wellness others, resulting in deviant behaviors that can lead to selfishnessarrogance, envy and hatred.

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