What happened to the Edelweiss sect and how was it formed –

When we think or talk about cults, many times we believe that they are either things of the past or that they are cults that are more typical in the United States or in less developed countries, such as in Africa or South America, but the reality is that in Spain there was a very dangerous and terrifying sect.

Although within the most dangerous sects in the worldsuch as the Ku Klux Klan, does not appear, the reality is that many years ago a sect known as Edelweiss appeared in Spain, however, do you know everything about its creation or the ideology they adopted?

How the Edelweiss sect was formed

The beginning of the history of the Edelweiss sect arises at the end of the year 1970 in the city of Madrid, where the Edelweiss Mountain Youth Association became the following year the Edelweiss Green Berets and went through various neighborhoods of Madrid acting and attracting children. , until expanding throughout all areas of Spain and were collecting children through various mountain groups. The name of the sect comes from a snow flower that appears in some areas of the mountain ranges near the mountain.

All this lasted until 1984, when many complaints began to be made about the acts that had been committed throughout all those years and it was not until 1991 when the guilty were sentenced to multiple sentences and thanks to that discovered “The iron guards” who were “a sect within another sect”, according to the old members, and who were in charge of choosing the children with whom they wanted to be in the cabins, getting to have serious disputes between them .

Ideology of the Edelweiss sect

Virtually all ideologies have certain points in common, however the premise from which the edelweiss sect started is somewhat different and less common. In the sect, homosexual relations were extolled, especially those that continued among underage men, and according to its leader it was the way of relating and the way of living on a distant planet known as Delhaiss, to which the men would go. members as soon as they had obtained certain knowledge and certain baggage, which would allow them to travel to the planet and save themselves from extinction on earth. There was a kind of oath that said the following «I swear on my honor to fight and belong to the Iron Guard of Delhais until my death, defending three fundamental and universal concepts: love, justice and freedom, applying them to myself, walking along the path of the truth, until I reach perfection on the planet Delhais, in the service of my prince, the Great Alain»

Leader of the Edelweiss sect

Not in all sects there was a personified leader, but that was not the case of the Edelweiss sect, where its founder was Eduardo González Arenas, who was a former member of the Legion, within the Spanish army and who was accused for years of several crimes against minors, highlighting crimes of violence and sexual harassment.

Eduardo González had two wives and with one of them he had a daughter. His beginnings with homosexuality began with experiences that he himself recounted. They were somewhat irregular and disturbing experiences, because in some bathrooms in Madrid he was masturbated by an older man, which left him very nervous and gave him certain feelings of guilt. This fact was told later to his parents, who chose to send him to a psychiatrist. From this moment, this event and the shame caused by it, led him to live in a spiral of concealment of his sexual interests that possibly led him to see his bisexuality as something impure and that he should always keep a secret, this was surely the cause that finally led him to trust his sexuality in the most intimate way and only with the children, who in the end believed them to be pure and light beings, who would not judge him for it.

The leader of the sect, also known more popularly as Eddie, was released after several years in prison and tried to rebuild his life in Ibiza and where he owned a pub. However, there he met his past again and that is that Juan Martín García, 19 years old at the time, and who was one of the children who felt involved in the acts of sexual abuse, decided to end the life of the former legionnaire by cutting him with a knife.

What happened to the Edelweiss sect

As we have mentioned before, the end of the sect came in 1984, where the children who had become involved, some through their parents and others thanks to the fact that they had already grown up and became of legal age, began to denounce everything that It had happened to them over the years. This causes Eddie to end up in prison with a sentence of 168, of which he only ends up serving 6 thanks to the penal code that existed at that time in Spain. Leaving him, he moves to Ibiza where he ends up being murdered and where the history of the sect comes to an end.

Currently, there is no known variant of this sect, but recently this sect and all the acts that occurred afterwards have resonated again, since a series has come out on TVE, where they tell us everything from various points of view.