What energy will the supermoon bring on March 9?

This Monday, March 9, the full moon will fall near perigee, which will make it look bigger and brighter than usual. Perigee is the point in the moon’s orbit where there is the least distance from the center of the earth. This phenomenon is called a supermoon.

The sun is still in Pisces and makes an exact conjunction with Neptune. Sensitivity, permeability and fantasies are very active. The moon rises round and luminous in the opposite and complementary sign: Virgo.

The Pisces-Virgo axis lights up to bring information about the order that surrounds and sustains us. Let’s look at that order. We may also find ourselves with disorder. Order and disorder within and around us. What we see? What do we perceive? How do we feel when we connect with one or another state at this time?

Perhaps it will help us to observe nature, how each species does its job so that the whole system works. From this point of view, there is no more important task than the other, the most important thing is the joint action and the synergy of the parts that makes them strengthen and the best comes out. The best is not achieved alone, Virgo tells us.

The same thing happens with our body. Harmony and full state of health occur when each organ can perform well the task for which it was created and acts in exact coordination with the rest of the organic functions. Each of us is alive thanks to an amazing systemic intelligence that far exceeds our ordinary ways of reasoning and acting, and from which we still have much to learn.

In the desire to deify or value certain people, jobs, functions more than others, the system becomes unbalanced. We do not know how to function in a harmonious and integrated way with ourselves (body, feelings, thoughts and spirit) or as a society.

Source: courtesy of @astroilustra

It is good that we wonder about this. About what fantasies we have in relation to some aspects of ourselves or external icons and the prejudices we have about others. How much do we value the various tasks that each individual performs in the society in which we live? The tasks that allow us to live as we do.

I think that many times we do not realize or value the silent chain that operates behind what is seen. I always think of garbage collectors. I really feel a deep gratitude and value for those people who are in charge of collecting everything that we no longer want, that which generates so much disgust, rejection and annoyance.

Also those who later separate the garbage to recycle or reuse. People who are generously there to take care of something that most would not want to do. Like this example, there are many.

Today is a good day to think about all those that we do not usually value as they deserve. Let’s connect with what all the people who are at the service of society make us feel and, with a word or intention, let’s recognize them, let’s thank them and wish them what comes from the heart of each one.