What energy do succulents transmit in the home and how to care for them

According to some beliefs, such as Feng Shui, the presence of plants in spaces inside the home balances energies, improves people’s mood and concentration, and reduces the number of ailments and illnesses. For this and many other things, we will know what are the energies that succulents transmit to the home and how to take care of them.

One of the most used varieties in interior spaces are succulents, a group of thick, fleshy plants to which cacti and other similar plants belong.

What are succulents?

Succulent or succulent plants are those that have a specialized organ for storing water in larger quantities than others that do not have this adaptation. East organ allows them to store water for long periodsand survive long periods of drought in arid climates.

Although it seems strange, succulents are not genetically related to each other. What happens with them is that they have independently developed similar traits in a process of convergent evolution.

As they have a very adaptive capacity arid climates, can rapidly colonize these environments. Places where they can live for many years because herbivores are scarce due to lack of water. In order to capture the low humidity present in the environment, many succulents are pubescentthat is, they have a surface covered with hairs that retain the morning dew.

Another form of adaptation that they use consists of reducing the surface compared to the volume of the plant. This limits the number of branches and their length, as well as the development of waxy coatings on the surface of stems and leaves.

What energies do succulents transmit?

According to various currents, there is a great variety of plants that with their presence in interior spaces of the home balance the energies. In fact, they are capable of improve mood, concentration, and reduce the number of ailments and diseases. Succulents are one of them. In addition, they belong to a group of plants that are easy to locate, both inside and outside homes.

the succulents are suitable for activating the energy of abundance, since they accumulate water throughout their body permanently. Cacti also fulfill this function, as long as they do not have thorns, since these activate aggressive energies that are more suitable for outdoors.

But, a plant in poor condition, neglected or sick will not be able to adequately fulfill its function. Instead of bringing harmony it will do the opposite. A plant in good condition and correctly located will activate energies that will affect your spiritual, intellectual, economic and emotional state. Since it will be in charge of filtering and rejecting toxic and harmful energy or Sha chi.

As if the benefit to physical health that the presence of plants in interior spaces provides, also having them helps to create happier spaces.

Meaning of succulents in Feng Shui

According to feng shui, the succulents symbolize, life, prosperity and growth. For this reason, it is believed that in a closed area they improve the flow of energies, in addition to beautifying the place, favoring the environmental Chi.

Succulents are also considered protective guardians, they purify the environment and favor harmony, so their meaning is perfect to include them in a wedding. In fact, these plants have begun to be used in these celebrations.

succulents at weddings

In the beginning they were only an isolated detail to the decoration, but later they even centered the entire decoration. Thus we can see a bridal bouquet dotted with succulents to match the groom’s pin or a table decoration in which succulents are the protagonists.

Also, they have begun to be used as gifts for wedding guests. It is a ecological and original way to thank to all their attendance at the wedding including a message with the meaning that lies beyond the physical aspect of the plant. There are even brides who dare to include them in their hairstyle or updo. A crown with succulents looks beautiful on a boho bride and when it comes to catering, they can decorate the sweets table or the wedding cake, especially if it is a rustic wedding.

Succulents are wonderful plants, but, as we have mentioned, they require minimal maintenance to be able to fulfill all their functions.

Maintenance of succulents

Next, we give you some advices to properly care for any household succulent plant.

Succulent plants have the quality of storing relatively small amounts of water for days or weeks, so watering is not very frequent.

In hot periods, they should be watered with little water once a week, but the rest of the year it is only necessary water them every 15 days. If you water them more you will flood them and you can kill them.

  • What is the suitable soil?

The ideal soil for succulents is poor soil, that is, one that is not very rich in minerals. The best is use a normal substrate mix (earth with minerals) and substrate for cacti, containing sand and porous stones.

A woman holds a pot with succulents

  • How should the drainage be?

The drainage must be good. As we mentioned, succulents die if they have excess water, so they must have active drainage. Avoid placing a saucer under the pot, so that the plant does not reabsorb excessive moisture.

  • How much light should they receive?

the succulents require a lot of sunlight to survive, but they must not receive it directly, because this dehydrates them and eventually kills them. You must place them in areas of light and shade, or total shade where they receive the reflections of sunlight.

You’ll know your succulents are getting too much sun when you notice their leaves drying out and turning reddish or brown. If, on the other hand, they lack sun, you will see that they turn pale.

Succulents to have at home

Fleshy plants, as succulents are also known, are among the favorites for decorations inside and outside the house. Since they always seem to be green and are leafy. In addition to being very resistant and require little care. Among those appreciated are the following:

colorful succulents

Also known as Crasulla ovata, the jade plant is considered as a source of prosperity. Since it attracts wealth and abundance, it reduces stress and balances energies. The best place to locate them inside or outside the house is in the space where visitors are received.

Another favorite of many to grow at home is aloe vera. It is a very resistant plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. And what do you think? It drives away bad energies and provides protection to the home or office. In addition to that it can be used in the treatment of various ailments due to its proven medicinal properties.

As for the cactus, it is recommended to locate them outside the house, in open places so that they can fully fulfill their protective function, It drives away negative energies.

Some people say that the cactus is not a suitable plant for home cultivation, but its spiritual meaning says the opposite. In fact, it is good to have them because they are related to an important function, that of protection. Cacti at home attract good luck according to many followers of feng shui.

If you want to grow succulent plants, it is good that you take into account not only its ease of cultivation or the environmental conditions it requires for it to grow healthy. The shape of its leaves and the scent of its flowers should also be considered. For example, for feng shui, plants with rounded and/or aromatic leaves activate good Chi and if cactus and succulent flowers are also available, an additional spiritual benefit is added due to their color.

As we mentioned earlier, succulents are associated with abundance, as well as success and professional and personal recognition. In addition, they are considered protective and purifying of the domestic environment, favoring internal harmony.

And you, do you already have succulents in your home?