What does the shape of your face say about your personality?

The body has its own language, and each feature says a lot about you, about your personality or your health. The body speaks, and knowing what it is saying allows you to know more about yourself.

The unconscious gestures you make with your hands, for example, can reveal deep aspects of your personality, as you can see with this test that reveals what your personality is like according to the way you close your fist. In addition, there are many other things that you can know by reading your body language.

In this case, you will be able to learn what the shape of your face says about your personality. Although of course it is not an exact science, your face is constantly shaped by your expressions, and in addition, the factions can have a meaning for others that, although it is not associated with your way of being, influences what they think of you .

For example, a round face may be associated with a childish personality, and even if you are not that way, you may be treated that way. Read on to find out more.

1. Oval face

An oval face is characterized by a broad forehead with a jaw that is narrower than the cheekbones. It is a fairly common type of face.

Being of balanced proportions and with wide features, this face usually characterizes a correct person, who tends to say what is supposed to be right, and does not cause too much fuss with his opinion. They tend to show themselves as cheerful people, although they can be shy.

2. Long face

These faces are the ones that are noticeably longer than they are wide. The chin can be very prominent.

In some people, this type of face gives a serious look, which can even be confused with a bad character. Manifests authority; and it also represents people with a lot of personality who want to do things their way.

3. Round face

The length and width of a round face are almost the same. It is associated with that of children, which is why it gives an impression of joviality, even when it is carried by an older person.

Many times, round-faced people can be mistaken for naive personalities, or treated as younger than they are.

The person may not be naive or juvenile at all, but they are generally very sociable, generous and kind.

4. Square face

Square faces are also often similar in length and width, or only slightly longer than they are wide, but have sharp angles to the forehead and jawline.

They are very expressive faces, denoting defined personalities, intelligence and logical thinking. They can be perceived as perfectionists and unsociable at first glance, but they are very interesting when you get to know them more.

5. Heart face

The heart face is similar to the oval but with prominent cheeks, which widen a lot with the smile.

That wide smile usually gives the feeling that the person is very nice, friendly and dreamy.

People with this face shape are also said to possess incredible inner strength. They are creative and determined, and if they have a goal they will pursue it.

6. Diamond face

A diamond-shaped or triangle-shaped face is wide at the jawline and narrow at the forehead, with a pointed but narrow chin. It usually looks like a bony face.

It is an unusual face shape that brings an air of mystery. It also represents people who like to be in control, who can be very successful or good leaders if they put their mind to it.