What does the color of your eyes say about you?

Many say that the eyes are a real “window to the soul.” The truth is that these particular organs provide, with a single glance, a large amount of information about our most personal characteristics.

Iridology is a science that is dedicated to studying the iris of the eyes. Through its lesions, stains, lines and color variations, it allows to know some aspects of the physical, emotional and mental state of the person, as well as certain predispositions to suffer from certain health problems.

It is important to notice the connection that exists between the different parts of our body, which make up a whole that speaks of who we are, even more than we could express with words.

In this note you will be able to know what the color of your eyes says about you. In addition, you can try to identify what your face shows about you, what your wrinkles say about your personality, or even what your way of sleeping says to get to know yourself a little more.

brown eye color

Those who have brown eyes are usually characterized by being especially emotional and sensitive. Even so, logic occupies an important place in their lives, which is why it is difficult for them to give themselves completely to what they feel.

They are also often independent, dreamy and creative. They are guided by an intuitive type of thinking and are usually pleasant people who can be trusted.

Medium brown eye color

Medium brown eyes reveal a social personality type. They like places frequented by many people and tend to stand out in meetings.

They have creative thinking that evades responsibility and can’t stand criticism. They are visionaries and artists by nature, and they have to feel good before making a commitment.

light brown eye color

Light brown eyes speak of someone who is very sensitive and emotional, with a great ability to work with other people. Act on intuition rather than logical thinking.

They also tend to achieve positions of importance, especially due to their popular personality.

dark eye color

Those who have very dark brown eyes are usually firm people in their decisions and with an imposing character. Their perseverance and security leads them to the desired goal, since for them there can be no “no” as an answer: they are innate leaders.

On a social level, they are independent, respectful and very friendly.

blue eye color

Among those who have a blue eye color, the intellectual component predominates. They are usually people in whom logic has a lot of weight when acting, and emotions are relegated to the background.

In addition, they have great ability for organization and administration. On a social level, they tend to be guided mainly by what others think of them, and they are calm, friendly and very observant.

Blue-gray eye color

People with blue-gray eye color are usually calm and compassionate towards others. Emotion predominates over logic.

In addition, they are usually wise, gentle and enemies of fights.

Greenish blue eye color

The blue-green color is a sign of impulsiveness. Those who have this hue in their eyes are fast, flexible to changes and determined. His personality is ideal for activities that require practice and discipline, such as competitive sports.

Intense green eye color

People with green eyes are at the midpoint between logic and emotionality. For this reason, their mood and character changes are often not understood by others.

Green eyes have a balance of melanin that brings the pleasant and dominant character of brown, combined with the strength of those with blue eyes. By others they are seen as attractive, unpredictable and mysterious.

Blue-green eye color

The blue-green color of the eyes is a sign of responsibility. For this reason, those who possess them usually develop jobs or studies related to engineering, mathematics, politics or social activities.

They are logical thinkers, impulsive and extremely hard-working.

Dare to look in the mirror and discover the most outstanding features of your own personality!