What does pain in the knees mean according to biodecoding

Although we have become accustomed to understanding our joint ailments as a direct result of a blow, an effort, or some other specific cause, the truth is that sometimes we tend to have them without a reason that is so easy to identify. And this is because we are an integrity, and the signs in the body can mean that something is not right in the soul.

From biodecoding, behind each symptom there is a hidden emotion that must be decoded to release it and be able to transcend it. It is that, although we are not constantly aware of it, and we have become accustomed to a very Western vision of diseases, the mind affects -often with great intensity- the appearance of pain, discomfort and other symptoms that, at first glance, they seem only corporeal. If they were, why would they recur over and over again for no apparent reason? Why wouldn’t they go away with traditional medication? The symptom, many times, reveals something deeper to us that we must ask ourselves again.

Biodecoding understands that all the cells of the body contain information that is linked to the history of each person and the way they feel and live their lives. This information is what “encodes” each cell and activates its operation, causing the tissues and systems that make up these cells to behave in a certain way, shaping our way of reacting to the different situations that arise.

From this conception, Biodecoding aims to activate new cellular codes to regain balance and dismantle the emotional side of diseases.

What emotions are related to knee pain?

In the particular case of the knees, many aspects intersect to take into account, since it is the largest joint in the body, in which bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments are involved; and it is also one of the most important, since we move through it and support our weight while standing.

In itself, the knee symbolizes flexibility, self-love, and pride. That is why, in their pain, issues are often brought into play that have to do with the acceptance or not of hierarchies (obedience conflict), with their own flexibility in the face of changes, with their own personal valorization, or with pride. .

Behind this, there may also be the fear of losing control, or of placing oneself in a submissive position in the face of the other’s wishes.

Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to take the time to ask again in what situations and why I might be feeling rigid, proud, afraid to make a decision or to accept the opinion of an “authority” for me.

It is important to point out that the answer will be different according to each person, which is why it requires a deep, personal and guided work by a professional who can accompany in the decoding of that information that we have learned and that, for some reason, manifests itself in a physical pain.

If you also have other ailments and/or illnesses, you can continue thinking about their meaning by reading this article.

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