What does it mean to dream about lice?

Do you know the meaning of dreaming of lice? Although more than a dream it can be a nightmare, dream of lice It is quite recurring. Obviously and like other dreams, in this case you can also make an interpretation and answer the big question: What does it mean to dream about lice?

Dream of head lice It has a quite literal meaning: being parasites that settle in the head and suck blood, it can represent a lack of care and personal hygiene, neglecting the future and the present. That is, when dreaming of lice, that person could be forgetting the present by allowing others to suck their life. In all cases, it is a call or invitation to be more alert and attentive.

In addition, according to experts there are also some even more pessimistic meanings, but also more specific about some aspects of the current daily life of the person who dreams. In this sense, It can be related to illnesses, to the betrayal of friends or close people and could also indicate some problems with family, friends or at work.

Dreaming of lice in your quite recurring dream. Know that means?

What does it mean to dream of lice in relation to the personality of each one:

In addition, in relation to the personality of each one, their worries and fears, this dream could also be interpreted. For example, it could mean:

  • That this person finds it difficult to overcome problems.
  • That person drowns in difficult situations and does not know how to solve them.
  • That person is afraid of something in their daily life or in the future.

What does it mean to dream of big lice?

Many times, this dream is accompanied by some characteristics that are key at the time of interpretation. For example, the size of the parasite. When they are large, they can be associated with the role at work. This dream says that the boss is not satisfied with your performance, the way and attitude to perform the task. Therefore, a change of attitude or a talk in the case of wanting to keep the job could help.

What does it mean to dream of lice and kill them

Many times the dream with lice is accompanied by the solution to this plague: kill them. Although it may be a strange dream, the reality it is a good omen. It means that in the face of problems, you can always find a solution.

This dream can recur when there are problems or inconveniences around, and the sleeping person is continually thinking about them.

What does it mean to dream of very small lice?

In this case, the dream is warning that the dreamer is his worst enemy. It may be happening that this person has to face some obstacles but fear and internal insecurity together make success difficult.

Dreaming of lice on the daughter’s head has to do with protection.

What does it mean to dream of lice on someone else’s head?

This dream is not directly related to the one who dreams it, but to another person (surely from their environment). This person, who may or may not be clearly visible, could be in need of some kind of help, support and advice. In the case of having one of these dreams, the best thing to do would be to consult with that person about her life, if she is okay or needs help.

However, many times the person is not seen during sleep. In those cases, you have to pay special attention to the environment, to know who could be going through a bad time.

What does it mean to dream of lice on my daughter’s head?

Not to be alarmed, although it can be very sad and desperate, dreaming of lice on a daughter’s head can be a great sign. According to the interpretation of dreams, it is normal since it means that that mother might be thinking how to be a better person for her daughter, and how to care for it and protect it from any inconvenience, not just those associated with lice or disease.

What is it to dream of lice in the house

Finally, dreaming of lice in the home environment can also be recurrent. This time, it has to do with the fear of unfounded gossip that can damage tranquility in everyday life. The message of this type of dream (or nightmare) has to do with learning to protect yourself from the negative visions of others and not giving them more meaning than they do.

And you, have you dreamed of lice? Do you know other meanings?

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