What does a physical therapist do? |

Research is essential in this discipline and, in fact, the Physiotherapy treatment is in constant evolution thanks to the discoveries, techniques and studies that are carried out. So, all the work of the physiotherapist is focused on applying adequate stimuli to heal injuries, carry out rehabilitation, facilitate mobilization and generate the well-being of the patient. patient.

Some of itexisting treatments are the kinesiotherapy, hypopressive gymnastics, massage therapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, among many others. For this reason, scientific studies are currently being carried out to verify the effectiveness and application of these and other treatments.

The management of the bandage, mechanotherapy, phototherapy, heliotherapy and similar techniques, are also part of the Physiotherapy. Even when there is reservation on the part of some conventional doctors about certain physiotherapeutic treatments, the truth is that at least these are not usually invasive and their effectiveness is scientifically proven.