What does a kitchen helper do – online courses |

Would you like to dedicate your work to the culinary world? Have you thought about training as a kitchen assistant? If you are still not clear, let us help you. we want to tell you what does a kitchen helper do in his day to day and what are the functions that he must fulfill! Although it is a profession that requires patience, effort and a lot of motivation, it is also one of the most fun and rewarding. We give you all the information about this professional profile!

Kitchen assistants are a fundamental piece in any restaurant. Although they are not the ones who carry the most weight, they are the ones who depend on many of the tasks that are carried out in the kitchen. For this reason, we want you to be aware that training to be a kitchen assistant is essential. Let’s go!

Who is the kitchen helper?

Before we start talking about what a kitchen helper does, let’s define this concept to better understand it. Kitchen assistants or kitchen assistants are people professionals who help in the preparation and preparation of dishes in a kitchen. They work under the supervision of chefs and cookspeople to whom the kitchen helper has to provide help.

The kitchen assistant can work in places such as bars, hotels, catering companies, leisure clubs, cruise ships, etc. With time and experience, kitchen assistants can be promoted to positions of greater responsibility. Although at first they are in charge of simple and routine tasks, with their work they make the execution of the dishes faster and more orderly.

Duties of a kitchen helper

Your duties may change depending on where you work, conditions, amount of work, etc. To generalize, the main functions of a kitchen helper are the following:

  • Weigh the food.
  • Clean, chop or peel food.
  • Make sauces or dressings.
  • Help in the preparation of the dishes.
  • Clean and order the kitchen.
  • Organization of food in the right place.
  • Stock tracking.
  • Manage the control of orders and report to the supervisor.
  • Keep the work zone clean.

Now that we have listed what a kitchen helper does, let’s talk about what it should be like, what qualities and skills it should have, etc.