What do your toes say about you?

The body speaks. It can say a lot about us, about our health and personality. You can discover, for example, 11 signs in your body that something is not right in your soul, or analyze body language to understand what it means.

In addition to that information that we can obtain from our entire body, it is also possible to pay attention to particular characteristics, such as the way you close your fist or the color of your eyes, because all these details say something special about you.

The same thing happens with our feet: from them we can obtain data on both our general health and our personality.

Next, you will be able to know some details of the personality that are revealed from the shape of your toes, the ability to separate the little toe and other traits that may seem very curious to you.

1. Little finger that cannot be separated

People who cannot separate their little toe are usually people who prefer not to change their routine, since they feel safe in what they know. They are usually reliable and loyal people who can be trusted, and great companions.

2. Ability to separate the little toe

On the contrary, those who have the ability to separate the little finger are usually more adventurous; people who are not afraid of a big change in their lives. Since they get bored easily, they can make snap decisions.

3. Little toe stuck to the foot

Whether or not they can separate it from the foot, those who have the little toe very close to the next toe are usually rebellious people, who question traditional methods of doing things.

4. Separation between the second and third fingers

Some people have a pronounced separation between the second and third fingers (counting from the thumb). They are usually people who know how to separate their emotions from their work or their daily tasks; they can be cold at times, but really this can sometimes be a useful and healthy ability.

5. Third finger tilted out

Those who have the middle toe tilted away from the foot are usually people who like to plan their future, and that nothing gets out of their control.

6. Narrow second finger

When the second finger counting from the thumb, or its very base, is narrow, it usually reveals a sociable personality and a very expressive behavior.

When these people are happy, their happiness is contagious; but when something bothers them, they tend to exaggerate it and give it more importance than it has until the problem looks terrible, because they are very intense people.

Do your toes look like any of these?