What are the vegetables whose leaves can also be consumed?

Vegetables are one of the healthiest and most necessary foods for the body to function properly. But, did you know that vegetable leaves can also be consumed and thus obtain all their nutrients? Find out which ones you can eat and add them to your daily diet.

Not without first knowing that vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Which translates into many benefits for the body, either to prevent the risk of diseases and even to lose weight. The consumption of vegetable leaves also provide various nutrients for the body. In addition, they are very tasty, so they can be used as ingredients in a wide variety of preparations.

What are the benefits of green leafy vegetables?

Green leafy vegetables are known for being plants whose leaves, and even their shoots, can be consumed without any problem. Similarly, one of its main characteristics is that the leaves of vegetables have the same color as the vegetables themselves, that is, they are green.

Although there are people who do not consider them very “tasty”, they should know that they are very important and necessary for the daily diet. Therefore, nutritionists recommend their consumption, since they provide a large number of health benefits.

These vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well. These nutrients are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the body and prevent the risk of many diseases.

Also, these types of vegetables are low in calories and fat, and their water content is ideal. Since it allows you to maintain weight control, reducing body fat and generating a feeling of satiety. This is necessary to avoid eating too much, since the body feels “full” and does not require more food than necessary.

They are also rich in fiber, which is perfect for good digestion, this is because it favors intestinal movement. The consumption of green leafy vegetables also helps reduce swelling in the abdominal area.

According to experts, polyphenols (nutrients found in green leafy vegetables) maintain the stability of the immune system. This is one of the reasons why it is advisable to consume this type of food, since they reduce the risk of heart attacks.

However, green leafy vegetables are highly appreciated for their great versatility when preparing various meals. They are normally essential ingredients in salads, stir-fries and grilled vegetable soups.

Eating them steamed or raw is best to get as many nutrients as possible. However, before consuming them it is very important to wash them properly, as they may contain some bacteria that can put your health at risk.

What are the vegetables whose green leaves can be eaten?

After knowing how beneficial the consumption of this type of vegetables can be. Now it’s time to discover which are the most popular green leafy vegetables, especially those whose leaves can also be consumed without problems.


Without a doubt, one of the most consumed leafy vegetables in the world is spinach. It is a vegetable well known for its nutrients, so much so that in the animated series called “Popeye” the character used it to increase his physical strength.

The green leaves of this delicious plant are rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, they are also a natural source of iodine and riboflavin. Its consumption allows the body to absorb a significant amount of antioxidants. As if that were not enough, it has fiber and important minerals such as iron and magnesium.

Although it is normal to consume its leaves boiled, some people prefer the option of eating them raw. Spinach leaves have become an ingredient that cannot be missing when preparing salads.


Cabbage is another of the many varieties of cabbage that can be eaten both as a vegetable and as its leaves. As with its variants, cabbage is rich in vitamin C and a great source of folate. Besides, it contains very important minerals for the body, such as iron, phosphorus and calcium, although the latter, in smaller quantities.

Its contribution of fiber is ideal, since its amounts are so high that they favor intestinal transit. In addition, it produces a feeling of satiety that prevents overeating, which, in turn, helps maintain stable body weight.


In addition to being a low-calorie vegetable, kale also provides the necessary amount of fiber for the body. In this sense, it is a food with many nutrients, so its inclusion in the daily diet is essential. Especially for those people who need to maintain their body weight at the healthiest and most recommended levels.

Kale is high in potassium, calcium, and antioxidants that help prevent the risk of cancer, cell damage, and osteoporosis. Its consumption is recommended for its contribution of vitamins A, C and K, as well as beta-carotene and lutein.

Beet greens

That’s right, beets, also known as beets, are other vegetables that can also be eaten for their leaves. Therefore, if you are one of those people who usually throw away the leaves of this delicious vegetable, you should stop doing it now.

Beet greens are highly nutritious, containing calcium, potassium, fiber, riboflavin and also vitamins A and K. If lutein and beta-carotene antioxidants are added, they can be considered an ideal food.

Its calorie index is quite low and it has a high water content, which means that its consumption is essential to lose weight. In other words, beet greens are the perfect ingredient for salads and stir-fries, since in addition to helping control weight, they are very healthy.


Chard has a fairly high concentration of magnesium and vitamin K, which makes this vegetable a great food to control muscle and nerve functions. In addition, it stabilizes the glucose found in the blood and significantly reduces blood pressure.

Keep in mind that vitamin K is necessary for the blood coagulation process to be carried out correctly. It also favors the metabolism of the bone system, which is important to prevent bone problems.


One of the main characteristics of arugula is its delicious flavor, for this reason, it is one of the most appreciated ingredients in the preparation of salads and pizzas. Arugula is considered one of the twenty foods that contain the highest nutritional density. This amount calculates the content of a food with vitamins A and K. Similarly, various minerals and phytonutrients associated with its calorie content.


They belong to the lamb’s lettuce family, they are very small vegetable leaves with a bitter taste. It is rich in different vitamins such as A, C and K, its caloric content is quite low. Its consumption is ideal to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, showed that watercress extract can help against cancer. Specifically, it can inhibit the action of certain carcinogenic substances, these derived from smokers.


Of all the vegetables on the list, broccoli is one of the most consumed on the planet. Its flavor is very popular, especially in vegan and vegetarian food, since its nutritional composition is favorable for maintaining good health.

Like the vast majority of green leafy vegetables, broccoli contains many vitamins and minerals. However, their main nutrients are folate and vitamin C, although they are also rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and potassium. In addition, it provides phytochemical substances associated with certain anticancer actions.

Broccoli is a vegetable that belongs to the same family as cauliflower and cabbage. Its fleshiness is one of the characteristics why many people love to eat this type of green vegetable.

Its consumption can help reduce the risk of heart disease, so it should not be missing from the daily diet.


Folic acid, in other words vitamin B9, is one of the most abundant nutrients in endives. Food specialists recommend its consumption during pregnancy and lactation. Although the truth is that, the leaves of vegetables, such as endives, can be eaten at the time of eating.

Finally, remember that seasonal vegetables and fruits are the best combination when it comes to eating healthy and keeping your body fat index low.

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