What are the spiritual animals and how to know which one corresponds to me

The concept of spirit animals, also called animal totems, has become widespread in many of the world’s cultures. This is due to the fact that the most primitive and oldest ancestors of the human being lived closely with animals, which also led to an enormous respect for these beings.

But in a moment they realized something, and it was that the animals were not only different in their physical form, but also in a spiritual way. It was then that shamans began to appear and primitive tribes began to focus on their ability to include the energy of animals within their being.

Today, shamanism is still alive, and there are many people who have claimed to have the ability to summon spirit animals. However, it has been said that each person has their own animal totem, or several, which can change in the course of their lives.

What are spirit animals?

Within the culture that belongs to the American Indians, it has been considered that as a species evolves, everything it acquires and learns remains as a record in the universe, taking the form of energy.

Therefore, according to the shamans, people have the ability to summon a power animal or totem at will. In other words, they can invoke the energy of a specific animal, in order to learn from its abilities and help them face various situations in life.

But besides that, it is not only possible to summon the energy of the animal, it is also possible to receive it instantly. This means that animal totems also choose people.

Spirit animals: the guides of life

Shamanism indicates that people have animals to be spiritual guides in the course of their path in life. These spiritual animals vary taking into account the needs of the person. Which means that they will be in a person’s life for a certain time and disappear until they are needed again.

It could also happen that you have several animal totems at the same time, but this will depend on the situation of each person.

Animal totems by date of birth

As the indigenous people developed spiritual practices, they realized that people who were born on specific dates had characteristics similar to those of certain animals, and every 13 moons began a seasonal cycle.

Taking this into account, the shamans were able to make a calendar, with a turtle shell that had 13 circles. To this they placed the name of “medicinal wheel”, and in this they united and represented the seasons, the cardinal points, the elements and a color that identifies them.

With this, they related each of the circles to an animal species, and in this way the horoscope belonging to the American Indians was created.

Otter: From January 20 to February 18

These people are usually independent and have a different point of view than reality. Because the otter does things that are unusual, on certain occasions they are very complicated for the rest of the people to understand. Although his reasoning is not very pleasant to others, due to the slightly strange methods, in most cases they are the most appropriate.

This is one of the most intelligent spiritual animals with great creativity, but it is also recognized for its ability to see solutions where other people cannot. The otter is an attentive, understanding, helpful and honest animal. However, on his negative side he becomes lonely, rebellious, ruthless and lascivious.

Lobo: From February 19 – until March 20

According to the Native American horoscope, people who have this animal totem as their guide are emotional and passionate. It is an animal that is closely linked to the heart and also to philosophy, that is why the wolf has the great ability to understand the emotions of the people around it, and will always be willing to offer love to those who need it.

This spiritual animal is also known as the teacher of teachers, that is why anyone who is close to a wolf will receive very wise advice. On the other hand, it is often said that the wolf is the most independent of all the totems, and is quite stubborn, impractical and obsessive in specific situations.

Falcon: From March 21 to April 19

The falcon has a mind full of ingenuity and this makes it perfect for making decisions in complicated situations. He has a natural instinct to be the leader and is always focused on achieving his goals. The most characteristic quality of this power animal is its concentration.

People with this totem make the most of the opportunities that appear in their path, in the same way that they do not hesitate to give their opinion to others, which is why despite being right very often, for the others turns out to be presumptuous.

Another of the characteristics that identify him is his ferocity, and in his most pessimistic part, he is not very patient, he is disrespectful, he complains frequently and is a bit selfish.

Beaver: From April 20 to May 20

Beavers love to be the boss in any situation, but they are quite flexible and have the ability to easily adapt to anything. People who have this totem as their guide are calm and efficient, so they are experts when performing certain tasks, since they always want the work perfectly.

Usually these people are very intelligent and always attentive, but when it comes to changing their point of view, they are quite stubborn. Despite this, the quality that identifies beavers is their loyalty, being helpful, generous and compassionate. However, at their most negative, they are a bit cowardly and possessive.

Deer: From May 21 to June 20

Within the Native American culture, of all the spirit animals, the deer is the representation of creativity. He is also cheerful, inspiring, and witty, most notable for his ability to make others smile.

Apart from these qualities, he is an excellent speaker who always has something to say. The deer is friendly and is usually the center of attention at gatherings. They are people who are very concerned about nature and are even demanding when it comes to personal appearance.

The most negative part of the deer is that it is usually presumptuous, temperamental, self-centered, lazy and even bipolar. But on his more positive side, he is protective of everyone he loves and quite affectionate.

Woodpecker: From June 21 to July 21

The woodpecker is the most affectionate and supportive of all the animal totems. People who own this power animal make great parents, great partners, and great friends.

Woodpeckers can be jealous, possessive and easily angered. But he is also affectionate, organized, dedicated, romantic and is ideal for having someone you trust.

Salmon: From July 22 to August 21

It is an intuitive totem, with great vitality and focus. One of his most striking points is his enthusiasm, his creativity and his ability to motivate others in a natural way. The salmon has many friends, due to these characteristics. They are intelligent, generous and with great intuition. If he has a goal, he will try to do everything possible to achieve it, but always with the help of friends.

On the other hand, he is a very dedicated, stable, calm and sensual being when it comes to a romantic relationship. But on his negative side, he is a bit vulgar, very prejudiced and self-centered.

Bear: From August 22 to September 21

The bear is known for being firm when it comes to staying in control of situations and for being pragmatic, which is why it is not uncommon for many to come to him for help when the situation is difficult. People with this animal totem as a guide are dedicated, generous and show great unconditional love.

A bear possesses so much humility that it even becomes shy. It is also perfect for teaching, since its ease in imparting knowledge makes others infect it, and pay attention to it. However, he is somewhat skeptical, secretive and lazy.

Raven: From September 22 to October 23

These are people who are characterized by being enterprising, by showing remarkable charisma and positive energy, so it is not surprising that when a crow has an idea, the others listen carefully.

Another thing to keep in mind is that crows are great idealists and have a very calculating mind. The most positive part of these people is that they are delicate, easy to deal with and romantic. When it comes to a love relationship, they are patient and intuitive. Although in their most negative part, they are excessively spiteful, they are not at all consistent and often make others angry by the attitude they have.

Snake: From October 23 to November 22

Those people who were born on this date have the snake as their spiritual animal. The image of the snake is the symbol that represents shamanism. Therefore, those who have been born under this totem will find themselves closely related to everything that has to do with the spiritual world.

Medicine is one of the careers that are related to the snake, which is why it is not uncommon for this to be one of the preferred fields for these people. Because of their connection to the spirit world, snakes are most likely to be viewed by other people as mysterious, and even a little frightening.

When it comes to the best moments, the snake is helpful, shows a lot of affection, is funny and with great sensitivity. Despite this, she can become violent, daunting, dark, and volatile.

Owl: From November 23 to December 21

Of all the spiritual animals that belong to the native zodiac, the owl is the most flexible and adaptable of all. He is very easy to deal with, his attitude is very natural, he is friendly and at the same time very affectionate.

The owl loves adventure and experiencing new things. But when it is necessary to put serious in the situation, the owl will have the ability to take control. At this time he may stumble, as he has a tendency to be careless, inconsiderate and reckless. Those who are born with this animal of power, are people capable of teaching and possess impressive abilities for the arts, due to how wise they are.

Regarding the field of relationships, the owl is delicate, passionate and attentive to the person he loves. And on his downside, he’s forgiving, aggressive, and cutting.

Goose: From December 22 to January 19

Geese are excessively persevering, tenacious and ambitious. When they achieve a goal, they will do it because it comes from within them and not simply because the rest want it. Their perseverance and impulses make these people continue on their way without stopping. This is one of the reasons why they love challenges,…