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There is a community called “The Flat Earth Society”. In case you didn’t know, this very curious group exists today and includes people who are convinced that the Earth has a flat shape and not round as we have assumed until now. If the arguments of the flat earthers are really valid or not, it is a discussion that apparently always has enough material to cut. But for now, we’ll tell you What are the flat earther arguments.

Manipulation of photographic evidence

Flat earthers deny the reliability of all those images that show us of the planet Earth where it appears in a spherical shape. It could be a hoax that they are trying to make us believe or simply an error in their belief that now they no longer dare to deny. In any case, according to flat earthers, the earth is not round.

They argue that photographs are too easy to manipulate and alter. Many of the videos posted to prove that the Earth is round where it is intended to show curvature will actually show no curvature at all or even concave curvature in places. They say that the sources are so imprecise that it is difficult to build an argument on them in any case. Additionally, barrel distortion and other quirks of modern cameras will cause an image to distort in ways that may not be immediately obvious or apparent, especially without in-image references.

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People have been to space. How have they not discovered that the Earth is flat?

They defend, almost in majority, that the world’s space agencies are involved in a conspiracy pretending to travel and space exploration. For what reason? Well, who knows, but this probably started during the “Space Race” of the Cold War, in which the USSR and the US were hell-bent on beating each other up in space to the point that each faked their achievements in an attempt to keep up with the other’s supposed achievements. But since the end of the Cold War, the conspiracy is more likely motivated by greed than political gain, and using only part of its funds to continue faking space travel saves a lot of money to embezzle for personal gain.

How come there is a magnetic field? Magnets cannot be unipolar

While it is true that unipolar magnets cannot exist, this is not a problem for flat earth, according to flat earthers. This is because ring magnets, which are shaped like a flat disk, are capable of radial magnetization. In a radial magnet, one magnetic pole is in the center and another at all points on the edge of the magnet. A magnet like this can be found in speakers, and it perfectly emulates what is found on Earth.

day/night cycle

Flat Earthers believe that day and night cycles are easily explained on a flat Earth.. The Sun walks in circles around the North Pole. The moments that is over your head, it is daytime. When it isn’t, it’s night. Sunlight is confined to a limited area on Earth.

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