What are the disadvantages of Tik Tok?

It is difficult to make young people understand that any social network poses a danger on a personal level and security due to information theft, adult content, or harmful content that could negatively impact cultural perception for many kids and young people who use these platforms.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of TikTok are varied, so it is important that if your child is using it, you let them know the opposite side of the coin.

1. Risks in the challenges

Among the disadvantages of TikTok, we have the “challenges,” which have become quite common on the internet, where young people take challenges to create viral videos and upload them on the platform. It sounds like something fun, but many of these challenges can pose a serious physical risk to the young person.

This does not mean that all challenges are bad or cannot be done by young people, but it is necessary to make them understand that some of them may have physical risks or fail with their peers.

2. Risk to privacy

Many social networks have terms and conditions that explicitly state that the security and privacy of their users are paramount, but there have already been several arguments that expose that TikTok has the power to sell the private data of its registered users.

3. Adult content

It is no secret that many children and young people just entering adolescence use TikTok, so adult content can mean a clash of principles and cause confusion for them. This content can range from topics of high sexual content to drugs, making it one of the great disadvantages of TikTok. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly verify which accounts your children follow and, beyond this, verify that they are not talking to strangers on the internet.

4. Losing valuable time

One of the disadvantages of TikTok that many do not consider is that it is one of the most captivating applications for any viewer. Literally anyone can waste hours and hours of their time recording, editing, or just watching other people’s videos.

Remember that it is not bad to have leisure time, but many of those hours could be used to do important or more valuable activities. Among them: advance tasks, help at home, do what you have been delaying for so long, spend quality time with your family, among others. Haven’t you thought about it? You should consider it!

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There are also disadvantages of TikTok for content creators

TikTok is a broad and fun platform, but it is also a bit limited if you want to share promotional content since it was created for entertainment purposes only. That is why you can use it without having to worry about the next advertising or annoying ad. Some features that come with the app are:

  • You can’t upload images or interactive content that are not videos.
  • It serves to target content to a young audience, so if you are dedicated to talking about politics, business, or lifestyle, you may not have as much success as on other networks.
  • There is no paid promotion. Advertising and the audience can be attracted organically with the quality content that you upload to your account.
  • Something that can be seen as one of the disadvantages of TikTok is that the maximum time for a video is 3 minutes. So, if what you have to say to the public goes beyond that time, unfortunately, you will not be able to upload it in its entirety.

Social networks have been a tool of relief and entertainment for a long time and have become so famous that not only teenagers but also children and adults use them to keep up with their friends, family, or the news on the internet.