What are the benefits of the full moon?

The full moon It has always had a powerful influence on human beings. It is important to know its effects, since it can be the cause of certain changes in people’s behavior and emotions.

There are many benefits that the full moon, which are usually related to good energies. Find out what all the benefits are and the rituals you must implement to take advantage of them.

What benefits does the full moon bring?

When you need to cleanse your energy, improve some aspect of your body or solve a health problem, the full moon can help you. The moon may always be present in astronomy or astrology topics and even in natural disasters, but it can also bring benefits in various aspects of your life.

Health benefits of the full moon

The full moon is very beneficial to eliminate toxic substances in the body, so a general detoxification would be a great option. This is very helpful in getting rid of even possible parasites that may be lodged in the body.

Keep in mind that the body has a percentage of 60% water and the full moon is capable of causing tidal surges in the oceans. This means that the human body is also affected by the gravitational force that the full moon produces on planet Earth.

Therefore, it is said that full moon nights can bring many health benefits in general. For the care of the skin, hair and nails, being one of the lunar phases that provides the greatest benefits in terms of health.

The skin also benefits from the full moon

Although it is true that the waning moon is the best to prepare masks or apply natural products to the skin. The full moon allows everything to be ready to better enhance both these preparations and the effects of this type of product on the skin.

So it is advisable to wait a few days before the waning phase of the moon, to apply any moisturizing product on the skin. The full moon allows you to prepare the skin with a product to hydrate or moisturize the skin before applying facial treatments.

In addition, during full moon nights, the pores are more dilated, being the most opportune moment for cleaning. However, you should avoid cleaning too aggressively, quite the opposite. Ideally, it should be as subtle as possible, to avoid damage to the skin that could cause problems when applying products to the skin.

If you’re going to cut your hair, do it during a full moon.

If your hair is damaged and you are thinking about a change of look, then you have to know that the best time is during a full moon. Experts recommend a haircut in this lunar phase, because the growth process is faster. In addition, the hair grows healthier, so its appearance will no longer be damaged.

According to astrology experts, during a full moon the blood maintains a freer flow. Which is beneficial for the hair, as the hair follicles receive more oxygen. It is for this reason that the full moon phase is the most recommended to resort to changes of look. Even if they are a bit risky, if you get a haircut and you don’t like it, don’t worry, your hair will grow faster and thicker on the full moon.

The full moon is beneficial for the nails

In addition to skin and hair, the full moon also brings many benefits for nail care. If your nails are a bit damaged and you want them to look healthier and more attractive, it is best to fix them during the full moon.

In this sense, the ideal is to file them and apply specialized nail care products. Some astrology specialists say that it is best to file the edges of the nails instead of cutting them. In this way, the growth of the nails is benefited by the effects of the full moon and you will be able to show them off without problems.

Improve your physical appearance with the full moon

Many people choose to start the gym or exercise at home when there is a full moon phase. The reason is simple, the energy produced by this phase of the moon is beneficial to solve any problem with the physical aspect.

Besides, the full moon also has certain effects on mood, which is necessary when it comes to doing physical activities. Above all, if you are starting with some training or you are returning to the gym. In one way or another, the full moon can bring various benefits ranging from health to the physical appearance of a person.

Rituals to do on a full moon

In the energetic aspect, the full moon brings even more benefits than those mentioned above. Therefore, it is recommended to take advantage of the energy charge of this lunar phase as much as possible.

To achieve this, it is best to perform full moon rituals that allow you to use the energy of the moon in your favor. Among the most popular are the following:

Charge the energy of your stones and crystals

Some stones and crystals have very high energetic properties that are beneficial to the people who wear them. One of these cases is quartz, a powerful crystal that needs to be constantly recharged so that its power does not decrease. Therefore, full moon nights become the perfect time for your crystals and stones to recharge their energies.

To do this, you just have to place them in a place where they can absorb the energy of the full moon. However, it is not just about leaving them out and that’s it, the idea is that before doing so you maintain a firm purpose regarding the energies. That is, ask the moon to allow you to take a little of its energy through your stones and crystals.

Do an emotional cleanse

If you are going through emotional problems and want to get rid of them to move forward, an emotional cleansing is a great alternative. Especially when it is done during a full moon night to better harness the energy of the moon.

Ideally, find a comfortable spot inside the house where the moonlight can reach you. It is also recommended to place three lighted candles, which should be focused on the emotional desires that you want to be fulfilled.

In the first candle you should emphasize those negative emotions that have lodged within you and you want to eliminate once and for all. While in the second, think positive, what you most want from yourself and you want to continue improving.

In the same way, the third candle should be dedicated to those emotions that you need to have in your life. Tolerance, strength, humility, ability to forgive, among others, are the emotions that will help you improve.

Finally, you can finish the ritual by placing a little essential oil of your choice on your wrists, ears and also around the navel.

full moon bath

Another of the most popular rituals when this lunar phase arrives are the full moon baths. These are very beneficial when it comes to revitalizing and recharging spiritual energy. For example, in astrology, it is believed that the best way to take advantage of the great energy of the moon is through a lunar bath. In fact, this practice has been carried out for thousands of years, due to its great ideal properties for detoxifying body and spirit.

Receiving the light of the moon directly is one of the most common ways of performing the full moon bathing ritual. To do this, it is recommended to choose an area of ​​the house that is outdoors, it can be the garden or the roof. Use a blanket, mat, or cushions to lie down as comfortably as possible.

To improve the ritual, it is advisable to practice meditation or deep breathing, this will allow you to establish a connection with your interior. If you are in an open place, another option is to take a night walk, trying to maintain a moderate pace so that your body better absorbs the energy of the moon.

Likewise, taking a bath with hot water on the night of the full moon is beneficial for cleansing the body, mind, and aura. It is best to perform this bath for three continuous nights, the night before, during and after the full moon.

One of the most important points in full moon baths is that you must enter a state of relaxation. This is the most efficient way to obtain the energy benefits provided by the moonlight.

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