What are the 7 archangels and their representative colors?

Each archangel has a completely unique gift. At the same time, these gifts are identified by different colors, which play a very important role in the manifestation of their powers. Although there are a large number of archangels, today we will only talk about what are the 7 archangels that are part of the Celestial Court and their representative colors.

What are archangels?

After God, the archangels are the divine beings with the highest rank or hierarchy. They are normally credited with building the universe for God, which is why many call them the architects of the universe.

Learning what the 7 archangels are and their functions is important when making a request. According to the Christian religion, they were the ones who created the planets that make up the solar system. Thus representing the 12 hierarchies that belong to the 12 constellations in the zodiac. Which is the main basis of mystical mythology.

In the archangels, their colors and chakras are different, as are the functions they perform and the kingdoms in heaven. Because of this, they all have their own legions of angels that make up the huge army of God. For those who do not know, the archangels have more hierarchy than the angels. Therefore, the chiefs are the father, the son and the holy spirit, generally known by the name of the Holy Trinity.

Likewise, in the images of the 7 archangels, the angelic courts that are in charge of maintaining planetary order are identified.

Archangels and their colors

Archangel Chamuel

It is normally associated with the color pink, but it is also often associated with other colors such as orange. It is in front of God and its main mission is to make all human beings want to worship God unconditionally. Venus is the planet that represents it as well as on Tuesday. The perfect day to make requests for him is February 14, since it is the day dedicated to love.

Those who wish to place a candle, it must be pink. It is usually attributed to finding the objects that have been lost, maintains stable relationships with the environment, favors forgiveness and reconciliation.

Archangel Gabriel

He is generally considered the main of the 7 archangels and his representative colors are silver, white and light blue. A white ray of light is one of the images that represents the archangel Gabriel. He was sent by God to the Virgin Mary to announce the incarnation of her son. For this action he is known as the messenger of God.

The image that represents him reflects purity, he wears a white dress and a flower in his hands. This being the meaning of love and also of humility, which is shown when appearing in front of the Virgin Mary. Some of the images that represent the archangel Gabriel show him carrying a trumpet. It is believed that he will be in charge of waking up all the sleeping souls, when the final judgment arrives.

The candles to invoke him are: A pink one to represent family and feelings; and a white one to request their help.

Archangel Michael

Of all the archangels and their incenses, the archangel Michael is the greatest of all. He is the prince who belongs to the heavenly militia, and therefore Satan’s enemy. He can be seen in all the images subduing Satan, while he steps on his head with one of his feet. He means that he is submitted by the guardian of the most holy universal church.

It is represented by the colors blue and red, being one of the most invoked archangels in times of danger. He is also considered a symbol of spirituality, fighting against pride and injustice. His place is staying by the side of the most humble people, children and also those who are helpless. He is the guardian of the keys to heaven and is the representation of justice.

It could be invoked using two candles, a red one to represent strength and a blue one to represent justice.

Archangel Raphael

The main color used to represent the Archangel Raphael is green. It represents God’s power to heal and conveys hope. He means then that it is the help for the dying and the sick. When necessary, it should be invoked, since it will fill the spirit of peace, balance and offer strength to those who need it.

He is considered the healer of both the body and the soul. He is also in charge of protecting doctors and hospitals. Since he was in charge of completely healing the earth, after the battle against the fallen angels.

To know how to use colored candles for archangels it is something very simple. And for this case a green candle is required to represent physical healing, and a white candle to represent spiritual healing.

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Archangel Jophiel

For those who decide to learn what the 7 archangels are and their meaning, they should keep in mind that the colors gold and yellow are the ones that represent the archangel Jophiel. According to history, it is said that on the day the battle with the fallen angels occurred, he was the one who helped the archangel Michael in this fight. According to the Catholic religion, he was assigned to kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden (paradise).

Invoking him requires candles of the following colors: Yellow to represent material progress and orange for social acceptance.

Archangel Uriel

It is represented by the colors orange, red and white, being one of the archangels that transmits peace. Between the seven archangels and the prayers of him, his existence is recognized in many of the religions that exist. He is usually the archangel destined for repentance and the day that corresponds to him is Sunday. The candles to invoke him are yellow and gold to represent harmony and peace.

Archangel Zadkiel

Known as the happiest of the archangels, he is related to mercy and help to people in need, just like God the archangel Zadkiel is immensely fair. He mainly represented by the colors violet and pink. He has to be invoked with a candle of that color to represent love problems. Although he can also be with a pink candle to represent peace.


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