What are the 4 best positions to sleep with your partner

Going to bed at night is one of the most comforting after a long day of activities; and it is even more so if we share it with the person we love the most. In fact, according to Wendy Troxel, a psychiatrist at the University of Pittsburgh Sleep Medicine Institute, although we sleep more soundly alone, we prefer to share a bed with someone as a fundamental human need to be attached to the other.

However, living together can make this moment a couple conflict, since each person has moments, requirements, routines and particular habits at bedtime that reveal their own personality, and coming to an agreement is not usually an easy task.

Each couple has their favorite way of resting together that has a particular meaning, but many times that way is not the most recommended, since the body can contract and wake up sore or upset.

Therefore, so that the way you sleep does not affect your partner, in this note you can learn what are the four most recommended positions to rest and wake up with energy, feeling like hugging that person you love so much again.

1. Sleep cuddling

Although many couples like to sleep in each other’s arms, sometimes this is not usually the most comfortable position. For this reason, those who cannot separate even in dreams, can try to make one lie face down, with a cushion underneath; so the other, from the side, will be able to surround him with his arm.

2. Sleep on your back

If both rest on their backs, it will be ideal, since neither will put pressure on the other’s body and they can position their arms and legs as they want. For those who want to enjoy contact with the other, they can also simply link their hands or feet.

3. Sleep back to back

If you both like to sleep on your side, you can each sleep in your own space on the bed. In addition, if the backs touch each other, they can enjoy the contact with the other while keeping their spine upright during sleep.

If only one of the couple likes to sleep in this position, it is important that they keep it. Love will not diminish if they do not rest like in the movies, and it may even be better for both of them because neither will give up their comfort.

4. Sleeping “on a spoon”

This is one of the most common positions to rest as a couple and is even one of the most recommended because it eliminates pressure on the spine. To make it even more comfortable, you can place cushions between the legs.

Tips to rest well with your partner

– Avoid sleeping in uncomfortable positions, as they may prevent circulation from flowing correctly, or cause one of the two to wake up stiff or in a bad mood.

– Choose a mattress that is neither too stiff nor too soft.

– Make sure you both have your own pillow.

– Use separate blankets to avoid arguments.

– Use pillows between the two of you to avoid elbowing or disturbing movements when sleeping.

– If either of you have snoring problems that disturb the couple at bedtime, you can learn here some ways to treat them.

– Make the environment a quiet and cozy place to rest. Do not use electronic devices and include some of these plants that will help you sleep.

– If one of the two is awake, it is important that they do not disturb their partner. Respect their spaces and apply this technique to fall asleep again.

– Find a balance between what you like and what the other likes. During sleep, too, both must yield.

What other tips would you add? Tell us!