What are grimoires and how to know if their magic is real?

One of the best-known phrases of the seven Harry Potter books is “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of inflicting damage and remedying it.” Here the writer not only makes a nod to the craft of the writer, to create magic transporting anyone to a different world, but to the way in which magic has been transmitted through millennia, through words.

Mankind has known magic for as long as it is aware of what it is capable of for a normal human being and what it cannot control, but believes it can. After the oral tradition, when writing began, people looked for ways to preserve phrases and spells that had a supposedly hidden force.

Thus were born grimoiresbooks that contained the knowledge of magic – most of the time dark – and ensured that anyone who could decipher them could.

There is a record of grimoires from the second century BC and it is not surprising that from that moment the last resort of these texts is to tame supernatural forces, usually for religious purposes, but others to control a power beyond what any human has. . Since then the grimoires have had a peculiar place in history.

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Reserved for few people, since almost no one could read or write, these texts were coveted by powerful people, desirous of power. During medieval times they enjoyed popularity, but it was not until the invention of the printing press that they became a relatively public object, because despite being prohibited texts for many, their circulation was evident.

Centuries later, with the arrival of the illustration, these texts still had power over people, but little by little they lost popularity and by the 19th century they were already considered a work of fiction as we see them today.

Despite this, grimoires hold a strong power in our history and finding one of these magical books imposes respect, because despite having a whole system of beliefs different from the one that existed when those books were created, man is superstitious by nature. and it would be a mistake not to fear the power that these books can have.

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Some of the most famous grimoires are:

Munich Handbook

It is believed to date back to the 15th century and to have strong occult power that helps summon demons.

the black hen

Already in the eighteenth century this book was written in which it is taught that a hen can give the coveted golden eggs, as well as rituals among which is one to invoke vampires.

Sefer Raziel Ma Malach

Better known as “The Book of the Archangel Raziel,” this 11th-century book is long gone, but rumor has it that it is in the Vatican’s secret library and its contents cannot be divulged. Among its contents, it is believed that there is a guide to return to paradise.

Codex Seraphinianus

Written by Luigui Serafini, it was considered a unique book, since it did not have any letters similar to those of any language on the planet and its drawings were quite disturbing. Although today there is a rumor that aliens collaborated in the writing of the codex, the author said that he simply wanted to make everyone illiterate with his strange work.

Magic lives in words and many books are proof of this. However, grimoires are proof of a time when magic was much closer to us, for better and for worse.


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