Whale swallowed two women off the coast of California

The truth is that it is an impressive anecdote. A large humpback whale “drink” to two women on the California coast. The story went viral, as the two females were regurgitated by the cetacean.

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women are called Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel

Both claim that she was in the area, wanting to see the whales. Suddenly, they noticed that one of the cetaceans got very close and, to everyone’s surprise, the large animal gobbled them up very quickly.

What actually happened? Well, the cetacean jumped out of the water and caught them in its mouth. Truth be told, the two women were invading the space of these animals. Somehow, they paid for the consequences of that decision.

This story has gone quite viral. Above all, thanks to the fact that the moment in which the whale engulfs the two ladies was recorded on video. It is simply something that is rarely seen in the sea.

The cetacean had them in its jaws

The humpback whale is an animal that is not trained to eat humans, nor large animals. Actually, it is a species that feeds only on plankton: microscopic marine organisms.

In fact, it does not have teeth as it happens with sharks or sperm whales. It has structures that serve to “trap plankton”. Therefore, it is impossible that it can bite or swallow people and carry them to its digestive system.

Certainly, the scare was not for less. In the videos, it can be seen that Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel were in a boat, when suddenly the whale rammed them. It is appreciated that the animal opens its mouth and captures them.

However, the two women were later spat on and wallowed in the water. The whale released them immediately, so the question remains as to why it jumped on them. Perhaps, she did it to mark her territory.

The video was captured in July 2022

However, the video is so impressive that people continue to comment and share it on social networks. In addition, people are constantly impressed to see the cetacean catch the crew members of a boat with its mouth.

In general, these aquatic mammals are not aggressive. However, in this case there was an unexpected reaction. Why did it happen? Well, all living species protect themselves when they feel attacked.

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Did you see the video of the whale jumping on the boat? What must the women have experienced in the jaws of that great animal? The amazing things of nature.


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