We present to you The Joyful Hymn of Joy –

Now that everything is looking forward to these Christmas days, we want to introduce you to the new Alegre Anthem of Joy, born from the efforts of SabadellCAM and made possible thanks to the union of musicians and singers. This is the resulting ad.

We present to you El Alegre anthem of joy:

  • With the illusion of the new stage that is born in Valencia, Alicante and Murcia, Sabadell CAM has devised a project with which to be able to demonstrate that from a joint effort we can achieve everything we set out to do.
  • In this way, they show us this announcement as a result of their initiative and in which more than 300 musicians from 20 bands from Alicante, Valencia and Cartagena and they have put the music to the ‘Cheerful hymn of joy‘, in a new version of this classic promoted by SabadellCAM, and which has been adapted by the jazz player Jesús Santandreu with Sole Giménez, Kike Llorca and Marina Damer as performers, and whose video clip was shot in Buñol (Valencia).
  • You will surely recognize the music right away since it is the Ninth Symphony in D minor, composed by Beethoven in 1814, which was chosen as the anthem of the European Union since 1972 and which is now being reinterpreted for a project full of enthusiasm and the efforts of many,
  • We can also listen to the song on the site that has been created for this campaign, The Joyful Anthem of Joy, and where you can download the mp3 of it, as well as its sheet music and also the instrumental version. which has been reinvented by the aforementioned Valencian arranger and based in the United States, Jesús Santandreu.