Ways in which the Universe can communicate with you through birds

Since ancient times, birds have had a very particular symbolism. Some cultures have considered them as spiritual messengers for their ability to be close to heaven and earth.

In Native American and shamanic cultures, birds are seen as divine messengers of hope, transformation, and miracles. Birds, from this spiritual perspective, can bring us warnings, and even guide us on a personal level.

How does the Universe connect with you through birds?


Each bird has a particular song. Listening to it can make you feel more relaxed and in a better mood, since it connects us with nature; we associate it with peace and freedom.

There are those who believe that through their singing, birds can convey a meaning related to the angels. Eugene Stile, author of “A Little Book of Angels” points out that: “Like angels, some birds are symbols of well-being and peace (the dove, the eagle), while others function as the Angel of Death (vulture). , Raven)”.

Appearance of a bird in an unusual place

Sometimes it happens that in the least expected places, a bird appears and approaches us. There are those who believe that birds, in this sense, bring messages from our spiritual guides that accompany us and show us the way.

Bird figures everywhere

We all have an animal with which we feel a greater affinity, although we cannot explain why. There are people who feel this with birds, who connect them with freedom. That is why they may carry an image of a bird with them, pay attention to all those that pass around them, or that in their house there is a painting with them, because in this way, and without knowing the explanation well, they feel protected spiritually.

“Show” of birds in the sky

Birds are very exotic animals. Its plumage, its colors, its flight, are a source of inspiration. Therefore, if you stop to see them or suddenly a flock of birds appears in front of you crossing the sky, the Universe may be sending you a source of inspiration to push you to achieve your goals.

Pay more attention to the birds! The universe may be communicating with you through them


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