Wanting to bite who they love is a sign of this type of person

Has it ever happened to you that you feel so much love for someone that you even want to “eat” them?

Probably more than once you have felt the temptation to bite your partner on the shoulder, arm or even on the cheek. It happens to you every time you “get desperate” and you don’t know how to react because you can’t stand the feeling, because it’s too much for you. In a positive way, of course. We are not talking about a violent feeling, but about a feeling like wanting to squeeze a baby’s cheeks.

Believe it or not, having this tendency to want to bite anyone you love without violence is not bad or strange. In fact, it is something completely normal and frequent. So say scientists from the University of yale. This behavior has a name and is called “cute aggression”, and it even has a social purpose: to help us control our emotions.

the researcher Oriana Aragón explains this phenomenon in this way: “We regulate our emotions in many ways: sometimes we try to think twice about the situation and understand what we are feeling; sometimes we try not to get carried away even a little by emotions, and we even get to avoid any kind of emotional situations. But it happens that sometimes we express our feelings in unexpected ways, which at first glance would show the opposite of what we feel, and that apparently helps us keep our inner emotional balance.

What happens if you feel like biting the person you love is that you simply cannot contain the tenderness and/or the feeling that he or she produces in you, it is literally impossible to bear it. And that desire to “bite a bit” is an outlet for your brain not to go crazy with cuteness.

So, the next time you want to squeeze or bite your partner when you feel too much in love, don’t think that it is something bad or a way to attack the one you love, in fact it means that there is too much love in you and you are trying to control it too much. The best way.