Violet Flame: Power to transform any negative energy

The violet flame is spiritual energy at the service of all human beings. It is a high frequency light that is present in the physical world and in the spiritual world. It is a very powerful tool to transmute any energy, taking it from its current vibrational state to a higher vibrational state. That’s why it is invoked when it is necessary to produce a profound change or transformation.

Recognizing the violet flame as an available energy that you can call upon will help you meet life’s challenges and heal your body, mind and soul as it you can access it anytime, anywhere to dissolve negative vibes.

Many people who connect with this high vibrational energy visualize it as a violet aura or flame. Saint Germaina mystical healer and alchemist was the one who transmitted the teachings of the violet flame, along with other keys for the healing of humanity and the beginning of the new era.


– Transmutes any negative aspect lodged in any part of your spiritual being

– Expels dense energies and aids in the healing of your physical body

– Restore purity to your energy flow

– Lift your spirit

– Bring peace and order to the affairs of your daily life

– Restore your life force

– Inspire your creativity

– Helps satisfy your deepest desires

– Attracts the energies of mercy, forgiveness, joy and freedom


An invocation is a call that you make from your heart to the heart of divinity. You can access the violet flame through prayers, mantras, visualizations and meditations. Here we share one of the forms of invocation:

1. Visualization

Close your eyes and connect with your breath.

2. Preamble

Out loud, lovingly ask the beings of the violet flame—ascended masters and angels—for help and guidance. First invoke your inner divinity called “I am”, and then the divinity with whom you feel affinity.

3. Affirmation

Repeat aloud affirmations of the violet flame. saint Germaine issued the following decrees:

I am the transmuter violet flame that flames through my body ethericsublimating, turning off moral scars, bitterness or offenses, transmuting everything into light.

I am a being of violet fire.

I am the purity that God desires

When you recite this and other violet flame decrees, it permeates every cell and atom of your body, enters your mind, your emotions, your subconscious and your memory.

4. Appreciation

You can repeat, “And in full faith I consciously accept this to manifest,” and thank the teachers of the violet flame for the transformation.