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Thanks to the technological advances that have occurred since the 90s, our world and the way of life we ​​have has changed considerably, as well as the way in which we recreate ourselves. Today, video games, whether console or computerhave been improving design, animation and gaining popularity as family and individual recreation. To do this, many professionals decide to dedicate themselves to video game industry. Do you want to be one of them? stay and meet how to train to be a video game programmer!

For this reason, the demand for professionals in video game programming in companies specializing in developing of games. If you want to become a video game programmer, in this article, we will tell you what you need to know about the necessary studies to train you in this career and more. Get trained in one of the sectors with the highest demand for professionals!

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What is a video game programmer?

The video game programmer is a software developer, it can be a person or a company, that creates video games for various platforms such as video game consoles or personal computers. Also, the video game programmer can specialize in:

  • Creation of RPG or FPS games.
  • Transport games from one system to another.
  • Translate games from a language to another.

Without a doubt, the video game programmer It is a basic pillar in the development of new and related video games. therefore know What do you have to study to be a video game programmer?can help you achieve your goal. Here we go: now you can become the videogames creator with which you dream!

What to study to be a video game programmer?

Mainly, due to the cybernetic environment where the programmer operates, we recommend to study the race of engineering in computing, since in this they teach you to program systems in general and troubleshoot systems. And then? Probably, after that you could do the specialization in video game programming.

And you, would you like to study video game programming? Are you interested in knowing what to study to be a programmer? We tell you more!

Where can you do a video game programmer specialization?

There are many universities, academies and institutes where they teach the specialization of videogames creator. However, today we present you the virtual education platform a business school with more than 15 years of experience in training professionals by providing complementary studies to their bachelor’s or engineering degrees.

The Business School offers you a wide range of training in master’s degree in online videogames. With them, you will learn to program video gamesplus everything you need about programming language, software development Y game design.

It is the case of the following master video game developmentDo you want to take a look at it? Right now, we show it to you!

MASTER IN VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT: creation and animation of 3D characters + 3D scenarios

What can you learn in the video game programmer course?

During the study of this specialization you will learn the following skills and tools:

  • Create a Video Game using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Develop a video game using the Easeljs library.
  • Techniques for the improvement of video games.
  • Programming a complete Video Game using Game Maker.
  • Work with 3Dvideos and animations.

You can dedicate yourself to the world of animation and character creation for video games!

Who can specialize in video game programming?

It is aimed at all those professionals in the area of ​​computer science, developing of software and systems who wish to be trained in the creation of video games.

The time has come to specialize in one of the sectors with the greatest demand for professionals. Don’t wait any longer: the video game programming it is no longer the future. It is the present!

How much does a video game programmer earn?

It is difficult to say a specific number, since the salary It depends on the country, place, company where you work. However, we can give two references: in Japan, the video game programmer can earn between €3,000 and almost €7,000 per month. In Mexico, a video game developer earns between $10,000 MXN and $15,000 MXN per month.

In the case of Spainthe video game programmer salary we find it at 22,000 euros per year, at the beginning of his professional career. However, over the years, the Average salary of the video game creators, we find it at about 33,000 euros gross per year. Nothing bad!

COURSES RELATED to video game programming, at

On the website of the Business School you can find several video game programming coursesamong them are:

  • Master in Videogames.
  • Course on Graphic Technologies for the Generation of Video Games.
  • Specialist course in Developing of video games with Unity.
  • Online Course of APP and Videogames for iOS, Android: Practical.
  • Online Course on Character Creation for Video Games.
  • Specialist in Design and Developing of Mobile Video Games with Unity.
  • Master in Video Game Design with Game Maker.
  • Professional Technician in Design and Developing of Video Games with Game Maker.
  • Postgraduate in Video Game Creation with Game Maker.
  • ICT Specialist in Video Game Programming with HTML5 + Javascript + CSS3.
  • Specialist in Creation and Assembly of Audios and Sounds for Videogames with Unity.
  • master in Developing of Videogames: Creation and Animation of 3D Characters + 3D Virtual Scenarios.

Enter the web portal to enroll in the course of your choice to become a professional programmer video game.

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