Vanguard Veo 2: The traveling tripod that will surprise you

Today I decided to present you my tripod Vanguard Veo 2 265AB. Lots of letter and number for a tripod, right? But leaving aside the name, I present it to you because after using it for a while, I wanted to share it with you because it is a tripod that in terms of quality-price is not wasted.

I have to admit that I did not choose it, it was a gift for one of my last birthdays, although I have to say that it was a success

Why were they right? Because with the budget I had, it perfectly covered my needs. And that is what you always have to look for. That fits your budget and your needs, let’s talk about tripod, camera or any other photographic accessory.

Extended at its lowest angle with the low angle adapter

Ideal user of the VEO 2 265 AB Tripod

This tripod is just right for someone looking for a light tripod, but stable enough.

It is ideal for travel lovers (if you are one of them, do not miss this complete travel photography guide with tips and tricks that we have prepared for you), because it is light, but robust and can be adapted to multiple surfaces, by openings of angle and by grip.

Designed for amateur users who are looking for quality photography and unlimited creativity.

folded tripod

And what is a tripod for?

If you know the answer you can skip this section, but if you don’t know what kind of photos you can take with a tripod and spending the money it costs seems excessive, I’ll tell you what kind of images you can take with a tripod (and only with it) .

  • night photography
  • light painting
  • silky effect of water
  • Car trails (those amazing photos where you see white and red lines of cars on the road)
  • Panoramic
  • Movement
  • HDR
  • self portraits
  • Fusion of several photos
  • Photograph with telephoto lenses

Not to mention those others in which it is not essential but it helps a lot now to achieve greater sharpness (landscapes, macro, etc.)

Now, if taking these pictures isn’t worth it (or you can’t) pay what this costs, but you still need one for whatever reason, be sure to check out these super cheap tripods.

Vanguard VEO 2 265AB Tripod Features

I put all the letters because there are similar models of the VEO 2 series but they have differences with this one, so it is important that if you decide to buy it, that you look closely, then you are not going to tell me that it was not what I told you here 😉 .

  • material: aluminum
  • 360º panoramic function
  • Ball joint: I see 2 BH-50. With independent friction, hardness and panoramic tabs. That is to say, it has three closures, one for the panoramic function, another to rotate the ball head and another for the friction of it (if you want it to move more smoothly or harder)

detachable ball joint

  • The ball joint is removable and if you notice that it loses stability, and it dances a bit, you can tighten it with the screw that comes with it.
  • Quick column twist for macro photography or to fold it
  • 5 leg sections
  • Telescoping sections (quarter-thread twist to open and close)
  • Leg opening in three positions (20º, 45º, 180º) and individually
  • Low angle adapter included (for macro photography and very low angles). If you want to photograph the annoying column with the legs at 180º, that’s why you can remove it, and place the low angle adapter that is included
  • Rubber grip, ideal for carrying or moving the tripod in the cold.
  • The leg sections are made of rubber, which allows a better grip and handling of closing and opening

leg sections

  • Feet are rubber but can be removed and nail feet screwed in if required
  • Anti-shock rubber ring, protects the equipment if the column plummets
  • It includes a carrying case with a handle (this adds points, but I have to admit that it is not the most comfortable to carry it on your shoulder)
  • Maximum load 8kg
  • Includes: Tripod, ball head, quick shoe, cover, wrench and instruction manual
  • Dimensions:
    • Folded: 41cm
    • Maximum height: 150cm
    • Extended height: 124.5 cm
    • Legs diameter: 24mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Price: on Amazon you can find it for €169.28

Advantages and disadvantages

The best thing about this tripod is that it is quite “contortionist”. You can put it in very different positions, so it adapts to very different types of photography.

If I compare it with my previous tripod, I appreciate the screw closure because the tabs on the legs of the previous one were very comfortable, but in a blow one of them broke and the others danced; and in another accident I broke the head where the shoe hooks, which was made of plastic. Goodbye tripod. It won’t happen with this one.

This one is much more robust, the opening of the sections is not fast for my taste or as comfortable, but it is much more stable, which in the end is what matters. The shoe is made of metal, ideal for people like me who, no matter how careful we are, because we drop things (is it myopia? or so I want to think 😉 ).

I like it because although it is stable, it is quite light and can hold a lot of weight. According to the specifications it holds up to 8 kg; I have not tried it with such a heavy equipment, mine is much lighter, but I have done a test homemade and has coped very well.

A detail that I miss is that it has a hook on the column to place the backpack. Although it has a hole, you have to find what to put in the hole to hang the weight. I have this ring, you can also put a carabiner, etc., but it does not come with the tripod.

Ring to add weight

Another drawback is that the leg sections cannot be completely disassembled for deep cleaning. Well, power is possible, forcing, but that implies that the rotation stop is lost.

Video Vanguard VEO2 265CB

In this video you will be able to see this same model but made of carbon instead of aluminium. The rest is the same, in terms of sections, opening angles, rotation of the column, etc. So, by the way, if you prefer carbon to aluminum, you know that there is also the option.


This is a tripod for amateur users who like to travel with just the right luggage but without losing the opportunities that a stable tripod offers. Travelers and nature lovers will enjoy it a lot.

If this tripod is not what you are looking for, or you do not know exactly what you need or what you should look for when buying a tripod, I recommend that you read this buying guide.


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