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The term university expert It refers to higher education provided from a particularly technical approach. The level of demand for a university expert It is high, since it seeks to provide the person with a greater degree of theoretical and practical knowledge in a very specific professional sector. Do you need to know more about this topic? Stay and discover all the details about the online university experts from !

Is about postgraduate qualifications who have a number of European credits (ECTS). It is important to note that this training is scaleable in job exchanges and oppositions called by the public administration. University expert programs are designed to complete the professional profile, as well as to promote job placement.

It is mainly aimed at people with previous training, interested in expanding and complementing their level of studies, being able to solve complex problems related to their profession. Whatever your situation, if you have decided to study a professional expert training you must take into account several aspects to choose the one that best suits your preferences. Let’s get to know this topic in depth!

What will you find here?

What is a University Expert?

The training given in this modality is aimed at responding to the real needs presented by the working market, training students to develop an activity from a qualified training. A very important value of university experts is that the bases that guide this learning process are continuously updated.

In short, we are talking about expert level training to deepen your favorite profession.

Benefits of University Expert Courses

On the part of the students, having a university expert it translates into a higher degree of competitiveness, guarantees a higher rate of employability under equal conditions, and is associated with managerial-type careers, as well as higher remuneration.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that in Spain a A large part of the people who occupy jobs related to management or leadership tasks have university expert training.

If your intention is to work as an expert in a specific business area, university experts are an ideal complement to your training to specialize professionally and improve your current employment situation.

What are the advantages of this formative modality?

On the other hand, the university expert title is one of the best options also for those professionals involved in a process of continuous improvement with the aim of reinforce training and improve their level of performance and competitiveness. We can specify the advantages associated with a university expert in the following:

  1. increase knowledge
  2. Achieve a higher degree of professional specialization
  3. Earn decisive points for access to a public position or a job in a private company
  4. Meet other people in the same field of work
  5. As it is taught online, it allows you to combine work and studies
  6. You will be able to stand out in the labor market by gaining recognition from companies

Will it help me with my future professional projects?

With our training, we seek to offer an experience to be a skilled worker through a online preparation. This modality allows you to set your pace and combine it with other professional, personal or academic obligations. In addition, throughout the teaching-learning process you will have the help of an expert tutor who will answer all the questions that arise. Therefore, you will be able to make the most of this opportunity and learn as much as possible, becoming a highly qualified professional.

University expert training: by sectors

Both university experts and own master’s degrees available on have a gradual evolution in terms of the level of difficulty and, with regard to the disciplines it deals with, those related to the latest technologies stand out, since they are the sectors for which the greatest future projection is estimated.

Next, we show you some of the training possibilities in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčuniversity expert.

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Next, we show you the wide range of training offered by ONLINE UNIVERSITY EXPERTS from . Discover them all and stay with the one that best suits your needs! Let’s go?


Do you want to be a specialist in Food Technology? Now you can get it thanks to ! Meet our online course of University Expert in Food Quality and Technology, with 30 ECTS Credits. Let’s go!


Have you studied psychology, but feel that you can still cultivate more? It’s time to specialize in Psychotherapy with ! Still do not know our Course of University Expert in Psychotherapy, with 30 ECTS Credits? Look: you can’t miss it!


Are you a teacher or teacher and do you want specialize in the teaching of the Catholic Religion? Do you need a course that can be considered for your Education Oppositions? We have everything prepared for you! Get to know our online course University Expert in Teaching the Catholic Religion in Infants and Primary Schools (DECA)! You will have 39 ECTS Credits, which will help you raise the grade in your oppositions. Go!


And continuing with the Education sector… Do you know What is the CLIL Methodology or do you want to specialize in it as a teacher? Look at this! Discover now our online course of University Expert in CLIL Methodology (CLIL), with 39 ECTS Credits and a wide syllabus with which to specialize in this teaching method. Let’s go there!


If you are looking for online, specialized and updated training in Orthopedics, you have to see this. At , we have the Course of University Expert in Orthopedics and Technical Aids! Do you dare to take a look?


Would you like to work as a customs agent or customs representative? Then you have to know our Course of University Expert Customs Agent and Customs Representative – Authorized Economic Operator (OEA), with 36 ECTS Credits! What do you think about the idea?

The sectors with the most professional opportunities

In case you still have any questions and need help, we talk about the sectors with the most professional opportunities and ensure the most accurate path for your professional career. The most demanded sectors and with greater job opportunities are:

  • Health and Sociosanitary: This branch is one of the most requested by students. What’s more, Nursing Assistant is the preparation with the most outings.

  • Administration and management: The most outstanding positions in this area are: administrative assistants, accountants, junior sales representatives and department secretaries.
  • Marketing and trade: they are the newest thanks to the tools that digitization has brought with it. The jobs most in demand are: senior marketing technician, senior sales and spaces technician, and commercial activities technician.
  • Communications and computing: Digitization has also influenced teaching in this field. The degrees in this sector have a large number of internships, which facilitates the incorporation of students into working life.
  • Image and sound: andhe higher degree in 3D Animations and Interactive Environments and Games are the most requested by students, who anticipate the large number of opportunities that can be presented to them in their future work.
  • Automotive and construction: vehicle repair and building construction have generated countless jobs.

Online training: advantages

Yes, that’s right, each and every one of the university expert courses that we offer at are distance learning and 100% online. Why? Very easy, for you. Online training is none other than the best way to adapt to your specific personal and professional situation. Attention!

Studying online is a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years. The formative offer of online studies is increasing every day, since they can be carried out online courses of practically all themes and in very diverse formats. Why study online university expert training? Let’s see!

There are different reasons to study online:

  • Facilitates training to people who for reasons of work activity, place of residence, age or any personal reason cannot access face-to-face studies.
  • Time and geographic flexibility: you can do your studies whenever and wherever you want. You will be able to combine your studies with other work, social or family activities or obligations.
  • You can carry out the studies you want thanks to the wide offer online training.
  • You can study in prestigious centers no need to move to the headquarters of the training center.
  • It consists of a active learning since it requires a lot of effort on the part of the student. The student is responsible for her own training.
  • 24 hour access: you will be able to access the content of your studies at the time you need.
  • You can learn at your pace.
  • The contents are continuously updated: the training contents, uploaded to the virtual platform or to the cloud, can be modified at the moment.
  • Cost reduction: online training is cheaper as you do not have to travel or buy materials.

Are you thinking of doing a specialty? Are you interested in some university expert training? Don’t wait any longer, specialize now in your ideal profession and get bigger and better job offers.

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