Tricks to Take an Amazing Rain Photography (With Inspiring Examples)

Rain, the perfect excuse not to go outside with your camera… right? Well, my intention today is to convince you otherwise. Throughout the article I am going to show you that it is not an impediment, laziness is. The rain photography it is an opportunity to learn and achieve beautiful, fresh, nostalgic or ingenious images. Let your creativity run wild, practise, learn and “get wet”! What how? Keep reading and you will see.

Below I am going to give you a few reasons to leave the comfort of the sofa in search of raindrops and some ideas and tips to make the most of this meteorological phenomenon but without your camera dying in the attempt…

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Why take rain photography?

  • It is an opportunity to learn: Photographing the rain requires a little practice and experience, so it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to handle your camera, control the shutter speed, depth of field… But don’t despair before time!
  • Change the landscape: the light, the color of the earth, of the plants, the reflections of the wet pavement. Everything around you intensifies its color and acquires a shine that is difficult to find on other days.
In the rain, change the landscape
  • you will have on hand raindrops no need to set up a laboratory at home 😉
  • Drops of water… free!
  • You find puddles that will give you the opportunity to achieve great photographs.
  • puddles of rain
  • you will be able to photograph spectacular skies.
  • spectacular skies
  • These are ideal days for portrait photography, since the softness of the light beautifies the features.
  • After the storm comes the calm always: What I mean by this? that the sun will rise, or the rainbow, or both, or it will leave you with a cloudy day… but whatever it is… you will have a free field to continue photographing different and interesting situations!
  • The calm

    12 Tips for Stunning Rain Photography

    If it has become clear to you why you should run out to photograph the rain as soon as you hear it sparkling, here I bring you 12 tips and tricks that you can apply to get impressive rain photographs:

    1. Adjust the shutter speed: try different speeds, you will most likely need to set above 1/250, but it will depend on the effect you want. Do different tests and practice with the result that you like the most.
    2. If the rain is very fine this speed will not allow you to capture it and you will have to lower the speed to 1/30. You will get the drops as if they were fine elongated threads. In this case, you can use a tripod or other support to support your camera so that your image is not moved.
    Adjust the shutter speed
    1. Capture all the light you can: use a large aperture, ideally f/1.4, but you’ll have to adjust to what your equipment allows. Increase the ISO but with caution, remember the noise problem.
    2. Observe the environment: the silhouettes of the umbrellas, the color of the clothes, the reflections of the ground and of the puddles… Look at the windows of the buildings, maybe you will find a nice image of someone watching the rain. Be attentive to these details and capture them with your camera.
    observe the environment
    1. Stand behind glass and capture raindrops with a blurred background.
    from behind the glass
    1. If what you like is children’s photography or just photographing your children, dress them in a gaudy raincoat, a colorful umbrella and funny wellies and go to the park or look for the puddles, let them have fun, get wet and that they enjoy jumping and splashing. You will have a lot of precious and unforgettable snapshots.
    2. Look for the escaping rays of the sun or the golden reflections between the raindrops to achieve effects like this.
    Those rays that escape from the sun…
    1. Tell a story in your rain photography: rainy days can be really melancholic and nostalgic. Use black and white to accentuate those emotions and become a visual poet for a day.
    Tell stories
    1. What is not a normal rain but a strong storm? Have you tried to photograph lightning? Read this essential article on How to Photograph Storm Lightning in 12 Steps
    Lightning Photography
    1. If you are near the sea on a stormy day, with rain and waves of órdago do not miss the opportunity. Of course, do not risk your equipment too much and even less your life, get a TV and put yourself at a good distance.
    2. Practice, practice and practice. This is the golden rule. And don’t forget something fundamental in your team… patience! If you leave it at home you will be lost…
    3. Not because it is the last piece of advice, it is the least important, on the contrary! The first and most important thing when taking rain photography is protect your camera. Everyone knows that the camera and water are not good friends and as much as we like to photograph the rain… we are not going to risk the lives of our team! Here are some ideas on how to protect your computer:
    • Use specific plastic covers, an umbrella or take shelter under a roof, although I do not recommend the latter because so much limitation of movement will stifle your creativity.
    • Use the lens hood.
    • Have a clean cloth handy to wipe up splashes or water that may have fallen on your camera from time to time.
    • Of course, if you want to change the objective, protect yourself well, do not settle for a roof, avoid humidity by taking refuge in a room or in the car if you are in the middle of the field.
    • Put the camera in the bag before entering a warm place, the change in temperature may cause water to condense into the camera.
    • When you store your equipment, put silica bags to absorb moisture (for example, you can find them when you buy some shoes, they are those little bags that come inside with little balls).

    If I haven’t convinced you yet, I’ll leave you with other examples of rain photographs, to see if that’s how you end up cheering yourself up, because after writing this… I’ve gotten so bugged that I’m going to take advantage of the fact that it’s raining to go hunting! of the drops of water! 😉

    Now, let me ask you two things:

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    • Second, take pictures, damn it. All the time you spend reading theories that you don’t put into practice is wasted time. Take pictures please.