Top 10 most used apps on smartphones in 2019

What are the apps most used by smartphone users and what does that tell us for brands?

To be successful with our campaigns, it is essential to know what the online behavior of our target audience is like and what are the best channels to connect with them.

Luckily, the latest “Annual study of mobile & connected devices” by IAB Spain provides us with updated information on the use of mobile applications, so let’s see which are the really top ones and how the panorama has changed in recent years.

The 10 most used mobile applications in 2019

  1. WhatsApp. Few surprises here, since today it has become one of our favorite means of communication. With respect to 2017 data, the panorama has changed little, since it goes from being used by 70% of users to 74%.

  2. Facebook. The most used social network in the world had to have its place on mobile phones. Its popularity has increased slightly in recent years, going from 36% to 4%.

  3. instagram. If Facebook is the star network, Instagram is close on its heels, since more than a third of mobile app users use it (34%). In addition, it has grown a lot since 2017, where only 15% employed it.

  4. Twitter. We continue to fill the top with social networks, although it is true that Twitter cannot compete with the popularity of Facebook and Instagram. Even so, 14% of users use it, a respectable figure that also represents a slight increase since 2017, when it was 12%.

  5. Youtube. Video consumption from mobile apps is increasingly popular, as demonstrated by the presence of this network in the top 10 and its growth in recent years, in which it has gone from being used by 10% of users to 14 %.

  6. Gmail. This mobile email application reaches 11% of users (10% in 2017). A very important fact to keep in mind when we plan our email marketing campaigns.

  7. amazon. Users are increasingly hooked on online shopping, which is undoubtedly great news for marketers. This mobile app has managed to double its penetration figures since 2017, from 4% to 8% of users.

  8. Google Maps. 7% of users use this mobile app, which is not only used to find their way but also to search for stores, restaurants and other businesses.

  9. Telegram. This instant messaging application that emerged as an alternative to WhatsApp sneaks into the top 10 for the first time and is used by 7% of users.

  10. Spotify. Finally, this mobile application for listening to music closes our list with 6% of users (4% in 2017). It is a very interesting and relatively little used advertising platform, so marketers will do well to take it into account.

Do you agree with these figures? Tell us which mobile app you use the most. Whether it is any of these or not is included in the list.