Tips for the New Moon in Leo on Thursday, July 28

In this article I give you some advice for next Thursday, July 28, where the New Moon will take place in the sign of Leo. The sky, the Sun and the Moon come together, this means that energetically we are facing the opportunity to project a new beginning for the Leonine area of ​​our natal chart. If you don’t know your letter, you can also reflect and think about the themes that this lunation brings in a general way.

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The Leo sign is associated with hobbies, romance, creativity, children, fun, and generosity (among others). Based on his qualities, we can ask ourselves some ideal questions to give rise to reflection and introspection, which can be:

  • How are you managing your time? Are you giving spaces for your hobbies?
  • For those who are in a couple: Do you find time to share and have fun?
  • Those who are single: Are they open to romance to meet new people? Are they open to love or are they too caught up in negative experiences from the past?
  • Are there your own projects apart from work obligations?
  • Can changes be made to improve the relationship with the children? Are we connected to their needs and desires?
  • How is the work environment? Is there anything that can be done to add moments of relaxation and improve coexistence?
  • How long has it been since you went to the movies, the theater or to dance?

New Moons are ideal to meditate and connect with our desires.

Many people use the New Moon to set intentions and manifest wishes or review how the energy of the year comes. A good start is to use some of the questions mentioned above, but do not forget that any change of habit or new activity is ideal to start it in this type of lunation. I suggest, step by step, a way to plan the leonine themes that are proposed for this Friday:

  • Prepare the environment by lighting a candle and incense.
  • Write on a piece of paper what you would like to manifest in this New Moon. For example:

“I want to make time to see my friends and have more leisure time”

“I want to reconnect with my passions and enjoy my forgotten hobbies”

  • Then below we write the actions that we are going to do to accompany our wishes. Examples:

“I promise to resume my artistic hobby, buying (for example) new paints, easels and brushes”

“I’m going to take off work on Friday afternoons to visit friends”

  • Finally, you can end your intention with a meditation.
  • Keep that paper or take it with you for the next 6 months. When that time is fulfilled, it will be the Full Moon in the sign of Leo. That day, the piece of paper is read again, it is burned and the progress you have made in those intentions is appreciated.

Did you know how natives are with the Moon in Leo?

The natives who have a Moon in Leo in their natal chart, or babies born on Thursday, July 28, are people who need attention and recognition, that makes them feel loved by the environment. It does not happen so much because of the ego, but rather it is an emotional need. Being treated like royalty makes them feel recognized, protected. Even their way of giving affection is leonine, so they tend to treat those who want to show them affection and appreciation the same way.

They have little tolerance for criticism and judgment because they need the approval of their environment. Everything that is understood as a correction, they live with anguish and interpret it as a rejection. They also live very badly when they are ignored, because that makes them feel isolated and alone.

The Leo season is excellent for leaving the known space, the home (Cancer season) and opening ourselves to new experiences, socializing and finding moments to share and have fun.