TikTok Now: function, what it is, use and advantages. New functionality!

Do you know BeReal, the social network with a very different vision from the existing social media? It claims to be born with the intention of displacing the perfection and unreality that social networks project through that its users share more improvised moments without editing. In response to its emergence, platforms like TikTok They have imitated it with their TikTok Now functionality. In this article we explain what it is about.

What is TikTok Now

It is the tool that the social network has released to compete with BeReal. With her, It aims for users to share a photo or video of a maximum of 10 seconds in which they capture their image in selfie mode at the same time as what is in front of them through the rear camera. The idea is that they share parts of their lives spontaneously, naturally and without filters. Therefore, the functionality does not let you choose photos or videos from your gallery when you want to publish content.

Source: TikTok

How TikTok Now works

When you enter the tool to publish content, you only have three minutes from the time you start recording or capturing the situation until you click the “publish” button. This way, they make sure that you are being as real as possible.

You can only post once a day and it is the application itself that sends you a notification when it is time to record.

There are two ways to use it: through the original social network app or by downloading the tool’s own application. In the first case, your posts can only be seen by your friends and, in the second case, you can choose the privacy settings yourself for this type of content, thus making it so that everyone, only your followers or only your friends can see them.

Also, don’t forget that you can only see content from the day you are on and always after you upload yours. So you cannot see content from your friends from previous days.

How to register and start creating content

If you already have an account on the original social network, You can access the tool in two ways:

  • In the TikTok application itself in the “now” tab of the feed

  • By downloading the TikTok Now app and logging in with your existing social network account.

If you do not have an account on the original social network and you only want to use TikTok Now, also download the application for this tool, press “register” at the bottom of the screen and follow the steps. This way you will also be creating an account on the original platform.

This happens because TikTok Now is an independent app, but it shares functionalities and is linked to the original social network.

How to Find TikTok Now Posts

In the original social network application They appear in the “now” tab of the feed. Here you can see the content of anyone you mutually follow, as well as other suggested accounts of users over 18 years of age.

In the tool app you can see them in the “friends” tab of the feed. In the “explore” tab, however, content from any creator of legal age in your region appears.