Three tricks with hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), popularly known as hydrogen peroxide, is a compound formed only by water (H2O) and oxygen; it’s water with another extra oxygen molecule.

Hydrogen peroxide can kill microorganisms through oxidation. For this reason, it is considered the safest and most effective natural sanitizer in the world.

Normally we know that it is an excellent disinfectant and we use it, for example, to heal wounds (it is perfect for children’s injuries because, unlike alcohol, it does not burn when it comes into contact with broken skin), but it has many uses, alone or in combination with other products.

Below you can learn 3 tricks with hydrogen peroxide: one to whiten difficult dirt on clothes, such as yellowing in the armpit area; another to disinfect the toothbrush; and one to remove mold from the kitchen or bathroom.

1. Whitening trick

When you pour in hydrogen peroxide, you will notice that it makes a little foam, an effervescent effect. This is due to the action of oxygen, and can be used, for example, to whiten clothes. It is useful for yellowish pillows, clothes darkened by sweat in the armpits, or socks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white clothes; if you don’t leave it too long it shouldn’t damage the color.

You need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Detergent (preferably biodegradable)

How it’s done:

Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part detergent. Use a spray bottle to spread it on the stain (if you don’t have one, work it into the garment with a spoon). Wait 30 minutes, rinse that area of ​​the garment, and then wash it as usual.

2. Disinfectant trick

The toothbrush is constantly filled with germs that come out of our mouth and stay on it. If we do not disinfect it periodically, we will end up bringing the microorganisms that we remove back to the teeth.

To avoid this, place your brush in a glass and pour hydrogen peroxide over it, which will foam. Leave it submerged for three or four minutes and then rinse it very well with water.

3. Anti-mold trick

On surfaces that are exposed to moisture and do not receive much light, mold can form. Since hydrogen peroxide is fungicidal (kills fungus) and bactericidal, it can help eliminate it.

To do this, spray hydrogen peroxide on the mold, wait 10 minutes, and wipe with a dry cloth. The mold will disappear.

To prevent it from appearing again, you can read these tips to prevent and eliminate mold in the bathroom.