This is what you should do if you find an abandoned chick and want to take care of it

We have all met at some point a small and vulnerable bird in the middle of the street or in the park. The first thing that many of us usually think is that she is an orphan and that she needs help to survive.

While this may be true, it is also possible that the chick is taking its first steps and flutters outside the nesta completely normal process that will lead it to adulthood and form its own nest in the future, with its own young.

So how do you know when a hatchling is orphaned and in need of help, and when it’s undergoing the normal process of maturing? It’s hard to tell, and experts say that by intervening, despite good intentions, we could be harming the bird much more than helping it.

These are the things you should avoid:

  • Do not feed the calf milk, biscuits or crumbs
  • Do not wet the holes of its beak when trying to give it a drink, because that is where it breathes
  • Do not handle the baby roughly, because you can injure its feathers

In its Twitter account, the Spanish Society of Ornithology published some recommendations to determine what we should do when we meet a bird in the street:

In general, it is best place the baby in a safe place, where it is protected from traffic and other animals. Unless you have an obvious injury or are bleeding, it is very difficult to tell if he is in danger or just learning to fly.

In the nest, the young are very vulnerable to predators, so it is crucial for them to quit as soon as possibleand just because you find them on the pavement struggling to fly doesn’t mean they’re in immediate danger.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, be guided by the image above and judge based on the recommendations of experts.


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