This is the true appearance of Jesus and it is very different from what you imagine

A new book reveals unexpected information about the true appearance of Jesus and it seems that it will change everything we think we know about him.

And it is that when imagining Jesus Christ we usually imagine a person with a typically European appearance: tall, white and with light hair, an image that has been popularized for centuries and has been immortalized in works of art such as The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci .

However, the reality appears to be quite different and this new knowledge is supported by archaeological and historical findings. Joan Taylor, historian and professor of religious studies at King’s College London, redraws the physical appearance of the son of God in her recent book, What Did Jesus Look Like? (in English: What did Jesus look like?).

According to the book, Jesus would have the appearance of an ordinary Hebrew of the time. Specifically, he would measure around 164 cm tall, the average height of a man from Judea contemporary to Jesus.

He would have dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin color. As if that were not enough, she would not have the long hair or beard that we imagine, because to avoid lice the men would keep her hair short.

This appearance is undoubtedly very different from the classic portrait of Jesus and is far from the Caucasian appearance to which we are accustomed. “I think we would recognize Jesus as just someone very poor looking,” says Taylor.

As a curious but significant fact, the reason why Jesus is historically seen with a European appearance is Pope Alexander VI in the 16th century and his persecution of the Roman Jews, the ethnic group to which Jesus belonged. Until then, Jesus was described as a typical Judean man, but Alexander XI wanted the image of Jesus Christ to resemble his son, Cesar Borgia.

Although it is very difficult for this new portrait to change the image that millions of people have formed of Jesus for centuries, it may give rise to new representations of the son of God, based on verified scientific facts and not on beliefs or manipulations.

And you, do you agree with this image of Jesus? Or will he always have the white European appearance to you that we have always been taught? Tell us what you think.