This is the reason why some men have brown hair but a red beard

Perhaps the image of a man with dark hair is familiar to you, but an inexplicably red beard. The reaction is almost universal for people who know someone like this: why is this happening?

To answer the question, the genetics expert Petra Haak-Bolem explains that the genes that are responsible for giving hair pigmentation are called “incomplete dominant hereditary traits”, by which she means that there is no one gene that predominates over another, for so the variability is very wide.

Generally speaking, people inherit their hair color not only from their parents, but also from their grandparents and previous ancestors.Petra commented.

He also added that genes are often inherited from ancestors, even unknown ones, which can often result in some different hue from the two parents, surprising everyone.

Red hair is a genetic mutation, and is caused by the MC1R gene. But this mutation can occur both in all of your hair, and only in your beard.

Now, when you see someone with this curious appearance, you can explain why.



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