This is the meaning of warts on the neck

If you have ever had a wart, you will know that there are the most varied myths around them. One of the ones you may have heard is that warts on the neck are related to HPV or Human Papillomavirus (HPV). But is it really true?

“It is not true that if a person has warts on the neck it means that it is due to HPV, and it is that HPV causes genital warts and warts in other areas of the body.”

So says Dr. Salomon Jakubowicz, author of Not another dietand collaborator in various scientific journals, such as Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism of the World Endocrine Society.

“Warts on the neck and/or armpits are never due to HPV, they are due to insulin resistance. The dermis generates these warts because the sugar that is ingested is not fully processed, ”he points out.

As he explains, insulin is a hormone that rises when we eat bread, rice and other foods, since its function is to metabolize sugar. But it is also linked to growth.

“When insulin increases, cell growth speeds up. Every decade new signs of exaggerated growth appear due to insulin”, explains Jakubowicz.

To prevent the appearance of warts on the neck, it is essential to make changes in lifestyle and reduce the intake of simple sugars. Its excess, in addition to causing weight gain, can cause warts to appear on the neck.

Finally, Jakubowicz points out that while we tend to generalize, not all warts are the same. There are some that are viral, such as those that usually appear on the hands or genitals.

However, those that usually appear in the armpits or neck are excess skin, which could be caused by changes in body weight or as a history of a metabolic disease, such as diabetes.

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