This is how you should write positive affirmations to change your self-image and improve your self-esteem

We all have inner voices that represent our deepest thoughts and beliefs, some of which we never share with anyone else, no matter how strongly they influence our lives.

Unfortunately, not all of these voices are positive. Many times we fall into a spiral of negative thoughts that take away our energy (“I will never meet the ideal person”, ”I’m not good enough for a promotion”, etc.) and leave no room for positive thoughts, the kind of thoughts that strengthen our self-esteem and drive us to achieve our dreams.

This is why we must always keep in mind the importance of positive affirmations in our lives. If you practice them in a healthy way, positive affirmations can change your life. Read on to learn the proper way to

Positive affirmations are affirmations that help change our self-image in a healthy way. Our self-image forms slowly from babyhood to adulthood, but with patience and the right strategies, we can apply positive affirmations to make changes as adults. These are the types of positive affirmations.

  • positive identity claims

These affirmations help us define who we are. Are we impulsive, thoughtful, kind, repellent, good parents? Positive identity statements help us create a positive image of ourselves. Phrases as simple as “I am a nice person” help us to get out of those negative spirals in which we sometimes get involved.

  • Positive affirmations about our abilities

Phrases like “I have the capabilities to get that promotion”, are important because they reaffirm that we are people capable of achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Often all we need is to believe that we are capable of achieving something to truly achieve it.

  • Positive affirmations for the world around you

Statements about the world around us are important because they shape how we view life. If we believe that life has its difficulties, but it is always possible to persevere, we will be creating positive thoughts that will help us find moments of joy and hope instead of giving up in the face of difficulties.

How to create positive affirmations that do work?

To create positive affirmations that are relevant to your life and change the way you think in a healthy way, you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Direct them to an area of ​​your life that needs more balance
  • Include your name in the affirmations. make them personal
  • Avoid negative words
  • Do not use words of comparison with other people (better, worse, more, less…)
  • Be realistic, don’t lie to yourself, but give yourself strength and hope

Positive affirmations matter can help you create a healthier, more hopeful self-image.

It is important that you are honest. Do not tell “I will be the next manager” if you have job insecurities, say “I have the potential to grow professionally and be effective in my work”. Positive affirmations can really change your life and they are powerful tools.


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