This is how someone will treat you if they really love you

This is the situation: you are in a relationship, everything is going well, but suddenly you wonder if the other person really loves you. What if my feelings are not reciprocated?

It’s happened to all of us, don’t worry. And, while it is impossible to guess for sure what another person feels, the truth is that someone who really loves you will have certain attitudes towards you. Therefore, if your loved one does all this, it is most likely that he will die of love for you.

1. He listens to you

When a person really loves you, he listens to you. When you love someone, you care about what happens to them, and therefore you pay attention to what they feel.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that if you feel that something is wrong with the relationship, or with your life in general, you can talk about it with someone who seriously loves you. If he is a person who loves you and is worthwhile, he will listen carefully to what you have to say and will understand it.

2. He is not ashamed of you

Someone who really loves you introduces you to their friends and family, and is always proud to say that they are your partner. He will never try to deny you or hide you.

3. He respects you

Only a person who doesn’t love you disrespects you. Only a person who is not worth it, does not accept your decisions.

When someone really loves you, they will prioritize your freedom above all else, and will always respect your ideas and your decisions. They may argue, they may spend hours debating something, and they may even never agree. But once you have made a decision, someone who loves you respects it. If not, it’s not love.

4. He makes “efforts” for you

When someone doesn’t really love you, they always want to choose what to do when you’re together.

On the other hand, someone who really loves you doesn’t complain if one day they have to watch a movie they don’t like, or go eat at a place they don’t like. He does it with a huge smile, because what he wants most is to spend time with you.

5. He gives you small tokens of affection all the time.

It’s not about saying “I love you” every time, or being extremely mellow. But when a person really loves you, he shows his affection for you in little things.

It can be a message that says “this happened today and I thought of you”, an unexpected massage while you work on your computer, or a cook for you if you are tired. Those small tokens of affection imply more real love than a big night of lust.

6. Accompanies you

When someone really loves you, they accompany you in your projects and your goals. He will watch over you in the moments when you need him most, and he will always be by your side.