This is how a healthy relationship looks and is recognized

Love is not always as pleasant as it seems. Each person, by itself, is complex inside. He has fears, desires, difficulties, wounds that he has not been able to heal or that he does not even dare to see.

Then think about how complex a bond is between two people who, inside, have an entire inner world more or less explored and known by them. Not everything is so magnetic or so magical. There may be friction, discussions or misunderstandings. This is part of learning share life with another. It can be very positive if it goes through feeding communication, love and mutual respect. But it can also become a toxic relationship.

Do you want to know how to identify if your relationship is healthy? Keep reading.

It is important to say that a bond is not always toxic because a person is verbally, psychologically or even physically aggressive, in which case it is always necessary to seek help.

A relationship can be toxic simply because both people do wrong, even without intending to do so. It may not be the time to be together, that one’s wounds enhance those of his partner, or that they do not motivate each other in a healthy and positive way.

Being with someone has to be good for your life, it has to nourish you, fill your heart, do you good. That does not mean that there are no difficulties, but rather that they always try to work from a framework of respect and love.

That we believe that this is impossible, that a healthy relationship is not real, it is the product of generations and generations of unhappy couples. It is time to turn the balance in our favor and start building pleasant ones that tomorrow will teach the generations to come that love doesn’t hurt.

These are the signs of a healthy relationship


A healthy relationship is primarily honest. Confidence is worked on in order to be authentic and speak freely about what is needed, without fear or self-censorship. This also implies being honest. First of all, with oneself to be able to communicate with love and clarity what is happening or what is needed.

no blame

People don’t “blame” themselves for what happens like it’s a hot potato. Each one can assume and accept their mistakes, take charge of their emotions and their way of acting. They can recognize if they are wrong.

With empathy

When there is healthy and real love, no one has the intention of hurting, humiliating, or making the other feel bad or guilty in any way. Each one develops empathy to understand that the other acts, feels and thinks from his own inner world that many times is not understandable even for himself. Therefore, not everything is taken personally.


A healthy relationship is not thought of in terms of who is in charge, but of equality. Both have their individualities, they can be well alone and accompany, support and guide each other in their learning, both individually and together.


A healthy relationship is not afraid of love, nor its manifestations. It does not measure the amount of demonstrations or give to receive in return. It flows, grows, is nourished and fundamentally feels pleasant and safe.

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