This happens if you burn a bay leaf

The laurel is a shrub that is characterized by its thick and strong leaves. It is used in alternative and herbal medicine to treat digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, and menstrual cycle disorders.

But it is not only known for its medicinal properties: it is also mythically known as a noble and powerful protector. It is said that whoever has a laurel branch in his house will be truly lucky. In fact, he is also used in spiritual initiation rituals.

And that’s not all: an aromatic essential oil is obtained from its fruits and leaves, which is also concentrated to a lesser extent in the other parts of the tree; and has a characteristic odour. This oil has expectorant and decongestant properties; and also relaxing, anxiolytic and to combat migraines.

By burning its leaves, a special aroma spreads in the environment, purifying the air and giving a sensation of freshness, pleasure and well-being, which allows you to take advantage of these benefits. The properties that laurel vapors have for the mind and respiratory system are due to linannool (relaxing oil that fights stress and headaches) and cineol (antibacterial and anti-bronchitic).

The scientific name of the laurel is Laurus nobilis, and it comes from the Lauraceae family. It is an evergreen shrub (it remains green all year round) that can measure from 2 to 8 meters in height (in some cases it can even reach 20 meters).

Its leaves are dark green, shiny, hard and pointed. There are many traditions around him. For example, in some cultures, whoever receives the bay leaf that perfumes a stew on their plate must wash the dishes; and in others, it is believed that the person is going to get married.

The laurel has whitish or yellowish flowers, and they grow in groups. The fruit is oval and turns black when ripe. The leaves are collected throughout the year.

How to smoke the house with laurel to take advantage of its properties

To benefit from the properties of laurel, simply burn a dry bay leaf over a container or burner, allowing its smoke to spread throughout the room. You must hold it with some tweezers and be careful not to burn your hands or that it is near anything that could catch fire. You can write a positive wish on it!

The smoke should not be inhaled, but rather it should perfume the environment, just as an incense or incense does. The oil will remain in the atmosphere and non-invasively enter the lungs.

The 5 minutes it takes for the leaf to burn is enough: you will quickly notice its incredible relaxing effect, obtained in a completely natural way.