This city in Alaska will not see the sun for more than 60 days

The locality is called Utqiagvik. This Alaskan town won’t see the sun for long. In fact, this phase of constant darkness lasts for more than sixty days. Without a doubt, this peculiar situation must be an unusual experience.

The residents of the area, in fact, have a custom: see the sunrise and say goodbye to it. From this Wednesday, November 18, to January 22, the solar astro will not appear in that area.

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Located north of the Arctic Circle

This is how the town of Utqiagvik is found. It happens that, with the inclination of the Earth’s axis, during a certain time of the year it simply does not receive sunlight. It is something unusual that, for example, does not happen in territories close to the tropics.

The truth is that this Alaskan town is used to these long nights. Located 510 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, it barely exceeds 4,000 inhabitants. A similar situation happens with other localities in a similar geographical position.

This phenomenon is repeated in places like Dikson in Russia, or the settlement of Finnmark in Norway. Certainly, every territory stationed at a latitude higher than the Arctic Circle experiences these 60-day-long nights annually.

A little light in the gloom of two months

It is not a closed darkness. For example, the so-called “civil twilight” is appreciated. Every day, on the horizon, a dim luminosity can be seen: similar to sunrise or sunset. But nothing else!

In this case, what is interesting are the auroras boreal. It is a beautiful celestial spectacle. They are luminous belts that cross the sky, giving one of the most striking effects of nature.

All of this makes the long Alaskan night seem exotic and interesting. For this reason, there are travelers who are encouraged to move to Utqiagvik at this time of year. Only then can they see the northern lights and experience a long night.

An interesting and varied planet called Earth

That’s why we have a responsibility to take care of it! Contrary to the tropics, which are perennially light, it happens that areas like utqiagvik They offer us a sixty-day penumbra with celestial spectacles.

The Earth has a lot to offer us: seas, deserts, jungles, islands, archipelagos and a whole host of scenarios. Each of its corners has a hidden touch of magic. We must preserve it from contamination and our own effects.

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Would you like to experience such a long night? Without a doubt, it is something worth living for. In addition, it shows us that terrestrial geography harbors a variety of experiences. We must take care of our planet!