This Chinese woman is 50 years old but looks 20. How does she do?

A 50-year-old Chinese woman looks 20, and seems to have found the gift of eternal youth.

Healthy life

His name is Liu Yelin and, as he has stated, his secret is intense and constant exercise.

For 30 years, physical exercise has been one of Liu’s essential daily activities. In addition to weight training, swimming is one of his favorite sports, which he has practiced in lakes, crossing rivers (specifically the Yangtze in China and the Han in South Korea) and even in the winter waters of various Asian landscapes.

Among his personal records is having swum the 12 km between the coasts of Penang, Malaysia, and the Strait of Malacca, in the vicinity of the island of Sumatra, in 4 hours.

Liu’s youthful appearance means that when she is accompanied by her 22-year-old son on the street and in other public places, she is often mistaken for his girlfriend.

But she is 50 years old; It’s just that she has chosen a way of life where a healthy diet and regular exercise to look and feel better were the keys for her to look as vital as she did at 20.

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