They find a mysterious whale fish that “changes shape” in the deep sea

Scientists find a mysterious whale fish that “changes shape” in the deep sea. In addition, an interesting video of one of these fish was captured; being the best material on these animals.

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The specimen was found at a depth of 2013 meters

This fish has only been seen about 18 times in the span of 34 years. It is something very unusual, since it lives at great depths. In addition, it is an elusive creature that changes its appearance a lot.

These fish have very small eyes. In addition, they hardly see and orient themselves thanks to the vibrations in the water. The first time this species was sighted was in 1895, being a rare and rarely seen specimen.

In addition, he has three different aspects during his life. For this reason, it was often thought that they were different species. Something similar to what happens with butterflies, which go through phases of: eggs, larvae and winged insects.

The shapes that whale fish take

The truth is that the different stages of these fish are very striking. Therefore, we describe them below:

– First, they are larva-shaped without scales. Its tail and mouth are long.

– In adulthood, it has different aspects depending on whether they are male or female.

– Males have scales all over their bodies, with very small mouths and outward noses.

– The females expand their body, until it looks like a baleen whale (hence the name of the species). They are much larger than males.

– In the most adult phase, the females have an intense orange color.

Ocean activists are pleased with the sighting. In addition, the video had from a female that moves calmly in the water. An interesting testimony about a species that raises questions.

Other finds in the deep sea

For example, a giant squid was recently located in the depths of the Caribbean. Also, it is expected to find a large number of species many meters under the sea. It is known that they still do not know much of this zoology.

There are many marine animals that we do not know. Others, we have hardly seen them on occasion. The reality is that there is still much to know about our planet. Therefore, we must preserve it and explore the best.

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Did you know about the existence of this fish? It is a wonderful animal. His shapeshifting is an interesting evolutionary strategy. A specimen that has rarely been captured by human eyes.