They discover that quelite eliminates the bacteria that causes gastritis

It may be due to stress, because we do not eat well, because we abuse alcohol, substances with a high level of spice, irritants, or many other things that cause gastritis.

But this condition could come to an end thanks to scientists from the UNAMin Mexico, who discovered that the quelite helps eliminate Helicobacter pylorithe bacterium which causes some diseases, including gastritis.

Cases of gastritis are increasing in more people around the world. Has it happened to you? Find out how to eliminate the bacteria that causes it.

quelite (from Nahuatl “chyletic“, which designates herbs with edible foliage), this common name is applied in the central part of Mexico, especially to several species of edible wild herbs, when they are still tender.

Besides of high nutritional value of these herbs; that provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidantsas well as in fatty acids: omega 3 and omega 6; a group of scientists from UNAM has discovered that these green foods have properties that make them a powerful weapon against gastritis.

irma Romero Alvarez of Department of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), has discovered the medicinal potential of quelitesbecause they affect the bacteria Helicobacter pylori and some of the diseases related to it, mainly gastritis.

Alache, Chaya and Chepilthree of the plants that have medicinal qualities to inhibit gastritis (Gaceta UNAM)

In the Second Symposium on Natural Products, organized by the Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAMRomero Álvarez commented that these properties can be found in three traditional plants: alache, from the State of Mexico; chepiof oaxaca; and chaya, from the Peninsula of Yucatan.

The quelite Yoinhibits bacteria, even better than metronidazole (antibiotic and antiparasitic); but not only does it stop its growth, it also kills it. This means that there is a bactericidal effect in the extracts of the three plants

The plants, explains the doctor, inhibit the growth and colonization of the H. pyloriits adherence to the cells of the stomach and prevents the creation of the ureasean enzyme that allows to create a neutral environment for the bacteria.

Currently, these plants are used only locally, in association with a strong cultural tradition. In Mexico there are about 500 quelites that are consumed in the different regions of the country, which are being examined by Romero Álvarez.

Gastritis is one of the first 10 causes for which patients go to family medicine or emergency services for the first time in the country; and gastric cancer and ulcers peptic They are among the first 20 causes of mortality.

The bacterium H. pylori It is very common worldwide, so scientists try to find alternatives in medicinal plants, more effective, less toxic and easily accessible.

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