They call it “Black Alien” and they don’t use it because of their tattoos

They call this guy the “Black Alien”. Through his social networks, he denounces that he cannot get a job, since people avoid him because of his physical appearance. His obsession with changing his body has led her to cross limits.

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Who is this guy nicknamed the Black Alien?

For years, they began to know him as The Black Alien. His name is Anthony Loffredo and he is already 32 years old. He is quite popular on social media. For example, on Instagram he collects more than 280,000 followers.

For years, he has made major changes to his anatomy. For example: cutting off his tongue to make it forked, putting a pair of small horns on his head, removing his lips or cutting off the tip of his nose.

He has traveled through several countries, looking for where to do his aggressive cosmetic surgeries. In his native France, several of the surgeries he has undergone are not legally permitted; since they are considered “unhealthy”.

Source: Instagram the_black_alien_project

A recent podcast interview

He was invited to the podcast “Club 113”, of the organization Team Heretics. Among fans of tattoos, piercings and body changes; Anthony Loffredo is a true celebrity and captures a high audience.

In that meeting, he has said several things about his life. For example, he considers it unfair that he cannot get a job. “There are a lot of negative things around this that I chose to do,” he immediately commented.

He asserts that many people who do not understand his position. Even that he feels uncomfortable walking down the street. People avoid him in fear. He considers that there is a lack of empathy towards his person.

You state that you want to perform other surgeries on your body. However, not finding a job, he does not have the income to finish his body project. Still, he goes ahead with his desire to change completely.

Source: Under Word

Some questions about his “metamorphosis”

For example, he mentions that he has plans to remove all of his skin and replace it with metal. Also, that he wishes to remove a leg and exchange it for another biomechanical one. He wishes to become something new, a true metamorphosis.

Many criticize him, but he keeps going. In addition, he is aware that there is no going back. His body has already changed a lot, so there is no point in stopping. He is going to carry the changes until its last sequels.

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What do you think of the appearance of this man nicknamed the “Black Alien”? If you were an employer, would you give him a job? Well, his appearance makes many walk away when they see him and prefer not to have him in their workforce.