These are the points of your hand that you should touch according to your ailments

Considered by some to be a pseudoscience, although practiced by thousands of people around the world, reflexology studies how stimulation of the feet, hands, nose or ears can bring benefits to other parts of the body.

It is an ancient Japanese technique to create a stable and harmonious state in the body.

According to reflexology, when massaging different points of the hands or feet, the mirror zones are activated, which reflect that pressure and in the organs with which these points are linked, activating circulation and ending various discomforts.

Specifically when it comes to using reflexology on the hands, they will achieve different results depending on which fingers you apply pressure to.

How to apply reflexology on the fingers of the hands?

Each area of ​​the hands is linked to different types of pathologies, but each of the fingers is also related in some way to other organs. They also allow you to control certain emotions.

To apply reflexology in a simple way and to yourself, you must take the finger of the corresponding hand according to your ailment and press it between 3 and 5 minutes. Right away you should feel relief in the affected area.

You must accompany this technique with a deep and slow breath, and carry it out in an environment where you feel comfortable: it is useless to do it in a rush and without time.

Do not forget that it is a technique to alleviate certain discomforts, but it is not a definitive cure: if you have doubts about the origin of your pain, consult a specialist.

So, what ailments is each finger associated with?


The thumb is associated with anxiety, making it a good point to put pressure on in times of high stress. It allows, in addition to obtaining a state of calm, to silence the mind, since it is directly related to the brain.

In addition, it is linked to headaches, stomach and spleen pain. Applying reflexology to this finger is ideal for upset stomachs and migraines.


This finger is linked to muscle pain, especially in the back, arms and legs.

As for the emotional, it is linked to the management of frustration. It helps to cope with fears, failure and confusing moments.


Using reflexology on the middle finger helps with pressure problems, especially when it is high. It also allows you to rest in a relaxed way.

As for the emotional, it is related to anger, and helps to manage it. It is, in this sense, a good antidote for situations that are stressful and violent.


It is particularly related to digestive problems. Use reflexology when you have discomfort in this direction, always activating the ring finger.

In addition, it will also help you manage moods.

little finger

The smallest finger is directly related to the heart. It helps keep it healthy, and running smoothly.

In addition, it takes care of it emotionally: it is a great ally to deal with nervousness that, as you know, does not get along very well with the heart.