These are the ideal trees to plant on the sidewalk

Planting a tree on the sidewalk or sidewalk, in places where it is allowed, is a great way to contribute to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity in the city. In many urban centers, residents can plant on their sidewalks, contributing to public trees.

The benefits of trees in the city are many. Some are obvious (such as supplying oxygen and filtering pollution), and others are less well known, such as providing a home for birds, lowering the temperature of cities and regulating rainfall.

To choose which tree to plant, it is best to find out which are native species, since bringing exotic species that are not native to a region or sector can be detrimental to other plant and animal species, and upset the balance of the ecosystem.

Secondly, factors such as the type of root, the size of the trees, the origin and whether the species is fruitful or not must be taken into account.

It is essential not to choose species with heavy fruits that can cause accidents, not to choose those that have roots that proliferate and can break the sidewalks, and not to use trees that branch out too much where there is traditional wiring.

Taking these factors into account, the following are suitable trees for sidewalks:

1. Maple

It is a pyramidal species, of medium size and a very dense crown. It adapts to various types of soil and is resistant to the most common pests, which is why it is suitable for public spaces.

2. Beech

It is a good tree for sidewalks because, although it is very tall, its growth is almost entirely vertical, not occupying more than three meters on the sides. It needs well-drained soil and some bare area around it for its shallow roots to develop.

3. Oak

It is ideal for narrow streets, because its roots are deep and not very superficial.

4. Jacaranda

Popular in some Latin American cities such as Buenos Aires, the Jacaranda dyes spring with its violet flowers.

5. Poplar

It grows fast and is easy to propagate, it reaches about 10 meters in height and its crown is not very wide. Also, it grows well in clay soils.

6. Liquidambar

Another tree that dyes the city in a particular color, in this case orange-gold.

7. Linden

It is recommended for being a tree that adapts to any terrain and tolerates drought. It has a not very wide crown and reaches 10 meters in height. In addition, in spring I give off a sweet and relaxing aroma.