These are the common traits that characterize strong women

We live in a time in which the role of women is constantly under discussion. Feminism has achieved enormous changes in society, allowing women to occupy new spaces and be recognized in them.

But sadly, there is still a long way to go for true equality. Many women continue to be subjected, violated or curtailed in their ability to choose their path.

As we continue to fight for a world with more equality between men and women, we can also look within and become stronger as individuals.

Thus, when it comes to fighting outside, we will find ourselves stronger than ever, and we will be able to fight all the battles.

To achieve strength as women, a good idea is to imitate these traits that characterize all strong women:

1. They are independent

Strong women have understood that they should not depend on someone else to achieve their goals. There is still in some men and women the belief that women need a man by their side.

Strong women don’t need anyone by their side to get what they want. Some surely decide to go their way accompanied by a partner, but they know they don’t need one: they choose it every day.

That, in addition, allows women to build solid relationships, which are not based on dependency, but on true affection.

2. They set limits

In relation to the above, strong women are capable of setting limits when necessary. As they know they are independent, they are able to cut a toxic relationship when they discover that it is doing them wrong.

Whether it’s a partner, a friend, a family member or a co-worker. A strong woman prioritizes herself, and if someone hurts her, she has no problem putting limits on that relationship, even if it hurts.

3. They know and respect themselves

Many women are afraid to spend time with themselves, to explore within themselves to get to know themselves and discover their full potential.

But these are not the strong women. On the contrary, the most powerful women have achieved a great knowledge of themselves. They know their strengths and weaknesses, what they like and what they don’t.

But most importantly, strong women respect themselves. They do not submit to humiliation for who they are, and they do not allow anyone to put them down.

4. They accept their body

Precisely because they know and respect each other, the strongest women have achieved something that seems difficult in this society: accept their body.

This does not imply that they do not take care of it. On the contrary. The strong woman knows that her body is her treasure, it is the tool that her spirit uses to manifest itself. So it’s logical for a strong woman to take care of herself, exercise, eat healthy…

But he doesn’t want to change his body. She doesn’t hate him. She doesn’t care that the women in the commercials are different from her.

The strong woman has assumed who she is in her entirety, and knows how to love herself as she is.

5. They are authentic

For all that said, strong women are authentic. They don’t pretend to be the princess of the story, to turn into a pumpkin at 12.

A strong woman who has assumed who she is, accepts herself and respects herself does not have to hide from others. If she loves herself, she doesn’t care what others think.

Therefore, they show themselves as they are and are not ashamed to express their opinion. They will not accept that nobody wants to change them.

6. They don’t settle

Lastly, strong women don’t settle for what is simply there for them. They seek to be treated according to their value and not according to their sex.

That’s why they never stop. If they manage to take a step forward, they will go for 10 more.

A strong woman is hard to stop. But if she hangs out with other strong women, stopping them is outright impossible.