These are the 8 most extreme cities in the world

There are some places in the world that deserve a special mention when it comes to living conditions. Either because they are extremely hot, or so cold that life in such a place seems impossible.

either because they are located at such a height that just breathing takes our body to the limitor because they are so isolated that no one would think that a human settlement would exist there.

These are the eight cities with the most extreme climatic and geographical conditionsin which living can be a real challenge.

The coldest cities (Russia)

Yakutsk it is located just 450 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, and is surrounded by little more than the vast solitude of Siberia. In the winter, temperatures have reached as low as -40°C.

However, it is another Russian city, Oymyakonwhere the lowest temperatures have been recorded in an inhabited human population: -71.2 °C, in the winter of 1926.

Oddly enough, some of the oldest people in Russia have lived in Oymyakon.

The largest thermal variation (Russia)

In some regions of the world, the weather is highly unpredictable, changing seemingly at will and going from cold to hot quickly and unexpectedly.

Verkhoyansk is one of these cities. according to the book Guinness world record holders, temperatures as cold as -69.8 ºC and as hot as 37 ºC are recorded in summer. A variation of 106.8 degrees. Incredible!

The hottest city (Mexico)

In the state of Sonora is the hottest city in the world, San Luis Rio Colorado. Despite being in the middle of the Altar desert, it has 250,000 inhabitants, but the heat is scorching: up to 59.5 °C have been recorded on its thermometers.

The highest city (Peru)

Located at 5,099 meters above sea level, the Peruvian city of The corner place It is without a doubt the city located at the highest altitude above sea level. Conditions are precarious and its 30,000 inhabitants barely survive below the margin of poverty.

The lowest cities (West Bank, Israel)

Jericho It is a West Bank city with just 23,000 inhabitants. It is considered the city located at the lowest altitude above sea level. Its average is 240 meters below the sea.

TabghaIsrael is another town that is said to rival Jericho in its low altitude. It has the particularity of being the place where it is believed that Jesus performed the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes.

Northernmost cities (Norway and the United States)

Three cities dispute the title of being the most northerly in the world. hammerfest (Norway) is located within the Arctic Circle and has an average annual temperature of 2 °C.

Longyearbyen, also in Norway, is the largest population of the Svalbard Islands. It has 2,000 inhabitants and has the surprising peculiarity of having a single period of sunshine that lasts from March 8 to October 25. The rest of the time, it’s always night.

Finally, it’s barrow, in Alaska (United States). It has 4,500 inhabitants and for months it is isolated from commerce due to the fact that the nearby waters freeze. The city’s greatest economic asset is hosting tourists who travel to watch the midnight sun and experience the native Inupiaq culture.

The southernmost cities (Argentina and Chile)

The position for the southernmost city is also in dispute.

first is ushuaia, in Argentina. It has 70,000 inhabitants and is closer to Antarctica than to Buenos Aires. It has the End of the World Train, the southernmost railway line in the world, which takes us to the virgin paradise of Tierra del Fuego.

Despite Ushuaia’s reputation as the southernmost city in the world, Port Williams, in Chile, he fights for the title. This site has only 2,000 inhabitants.

The most isolated cities

Many cities are famous for their long distances from other population centers. This Ittoqqortoormiit, in Greenland, considered by many to be the most isolated. It has just 450 residents who live by hunting and fishing.

Adaka tiny town in the Aleutinas archipelago (Alaska, United States), also stands out for its isolation. adamstown (Pitcairn Islands), Edinburgh on the Seven Seas (Island of Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom), and the supai village (Arizona, United States) are other populations that have gained fame for their extreme isolation.

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