These are the 4 axes of love according to Buddhism

For Buddhism, love is much more than a romantic feeling. It is rather a universal feeling, which supports absolutely everything. It is love that leads to balance and spiritual peace.

That is why it is very important to know on what axes true love is sustained, the one that can lead us to redemption. According to Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, there are four fundamental supports for love.

Do you want to know what they are?

1. The joy that spreads

Joy implies that we are satisfied with reality, it implies a rejoicing over what has touched us. We cannot love if we are not happy.

But the most important thing about joy is that it is contagious. If we manage to be satisfied with who we are and what we have come into the world to do, our joy will spread to everyone around us, especially those we love, because whoever has inner joy does not hold hatred or rancor.

For all this, joy is one of the axes of love.

2. Compassion, feeling with the other

You cannot love without compassion. This word is often taken as a synonym for feeling sorry for the other. However, it has a much deeper meaning, namely: to share the suffering of the other, to feel it as one’s own.

To love others, it is essential to work on compassion and empathy. Since love is only true if we are able to put ourselves in the place of the other, and accompany him in the good and the bad.

3. The joy of sharing

There is a famous phrase that says: “happiness is only real when it is shared”. We could also say that love is only real when it is shared. But what does it mean to share love?

In reality, true love is sustained by the bond. In spending time with the other, in dedicating attention and care, in listening when you have to listen, in sharing your own life with the person next to you.

Thus, not only is true love built, but happiness is also multiplied.

4. Freedom, the key to everything

You can only truly love if you are free. And real freedom is not given from outside, on the contrary, it is inside. In order for true love to exist, we must first let go of those feelings that make us slaves. Fear, anger, hate.

If we can’t eliminate these feelings from our lives, we will most likely end up using others as scapegoats for our inner problems. So only a free soul can truly love.

What do you think of these four axes of love?


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